How to Maintain A Powder Coated Garage Door

If you want to maximise the life of your powdered coated garage door, it’s important to implement a simple and regular maintenance program.

How To Protect Your Powder Coating From The Environment:

Every state in Australia faces difference weather environments, therefore depending on your environment, different frequency rates will apply.

– The environment – if it is dry, has minor condensation, has high moisture or has significant contamination (interior); or a city, rural, industrial or coastal environment (exterior)

– The conditions – if it is a general or moderate condition (interior) or a mild, severe or tropical condition (exterior);

Some of the influencing factors that can impact the life of the powder coating include:

– Ultraviolet light

– Levels of atmospheric pollution including salts, dirt, grime that can all accumulate over time.

– Winds carrying airborne debris that can cause erosive wear of the coating e.g. sand causing abrasion

– Change in environmental circumstances e.g. if rural became industrial

– Microclimates eg. geothermal, alkaline or acidic

Your Care & Maintenance Schedule:

If you don’t live in a coastal area, a big city or urban area with lots of dust then maintenance would only be required every 12 months.

If your home is situated in the above-mentioned areas it’s recommended to carry out cleaning schedules every 6 months.

Additionally, if your garage door is sheltered, with rain unable to reach it, and therefore wash off dust, salt or dirt more frequent cleaning will be required.

The following table will help you identify the recommended minimum cleaning schedule. The table references AS4312 and ISO12944 Atmospheric corrosivity zones in Australia to define the environmental conditions.

Environment Conditions Corrosivity Zone Example Environments Recommended Minimum Cleaning
Exterior Environment Mild C2 Low Arid, urban, inland, city Every 12 months
C2 Medium Light industrial & coastal Every 6 months
Severe C4 High Sea shore (calm) Every 6 months
C5 Very high industrial Heavy industrial Every 3 months
C5 Very high marine Sea Shore (surf) Every 3 months
Tropical Tropical (T) High, humid and monsoonal Every 3 months
Interior Environments General interior C1 Very low Dry Every 12 months
C2 Low Minor condensation Every 12 months
Moderate interior C3 Medium High moisture Every 6 months
C4 High Significant contamination Every 3 months

Powder Coating Cleaning Instructions – A 3 Step Process:

The following 3 steps will provide you with all the information and instructions required to ensure your garage door withstands rain & shine long into the future.

  • using a wet sponge by gently rubbing the surface of the door carefully remove dirt & any other loose surface deposits.
  • Using a soft brush (make sure it’s non-abrasive) and a dilute solution of a mild detergent gently rub the surface until dirt, stains or particles are removed. For stains unable to remove only use recommended solvents on the affected area, don’t use extra strong solvents across the entire door. (examples of solvents that can be used on these areas are Isopropyl alcohol (IPA) or methylated spirits) Always rinse these areas off with clean water afterwards. IMPORTANT: refrain from using aggressive solvents.
  • After washing, rubbing and removing any stains and residues rinse the surfaces of your garage door with clean fresh water.

Important Information About Protecting Your Powder Coating – Do’s & Don’ts!



Protect all powder coated joinery Use aggressive solvents*
When building, renovating, plastering or painting around powder coated assets use approved tapes and films in accordance with the manufacturer’s instruction. Do not use turpentine, white spirits, thinners, citrus based cleaners or other aggressive solvents on powder coating.
Remove unwanted paint & sealants Rub powder coated surfaces excessively
Ensure all paint splatters or excess sealant are immediately removed before they dry. Do not rub powder coated surfaces excessively, especially metallic finishes.
Use recommended solvents for stubborn statins only Allow sunscreen to come into contract with coated surfaces
Use only Isopropyl alcohol (IPA) or methylated spirits and rinse off with clean fresh water. It is universally recognized some sunscreens adversely affect powder coated finishes.
Regularly inspect Neglect recommended care and maintenance schedules
Inspect your powder coating often and clean more regularly if required To comply Steel-Line powder coating warranties the recommended care and maintenance schedules must be adhered to.
Clean in mild conditions
Clean powder coated surfaces when the surface temperatures are below 25°C

Non approved solvents can cause damage that may not be visiable immediately and may take up to 12 months to appear.


We have a team of dedicated consultants that can help you further simplify the above instructions. We will help you save time and money by providing the right coating advice for your project. You can get in touch with us on 1300 767 900 or contact us today.

How to Clean a Colorbond Garage Door

Your Colorbond steel garage door has been pre-painted with a special formulation, providing a long lasting and durable coloured finish. However good a product may be, all exposed surfaces require some attention to guard against corrosion and any other harmful atmospheric effects. Washing the garage door with clean water and a cloth at least every six months is recommended. More frequent washing is advised in salty or industrialised areas. For other custom and wooden garage doors consult the manufacturer’s instructions. Colorbond garage door


  • Protect all powder coated joinery
  • Remove unwanted paint & sealants
  • Use recommended solvents for stubborn stains only
  • Regularly inspect
  • Clean in mild conditions


  • Use aggressive solvents
  • Rub powder coated surface excessively
  • Allow sunscreen to come into contact with coated surfaces
  • Neglect recommended care and maintenance schedules




Mistakes NOT to Make When Buying A Garage Door

When finding the perfect garage door, there are some common mistakes that people make. These mistakes can lead to wrong buying decisions leaving you frustrated and with additional costs added to your project. Garage doors have some fundamental components that you need to be aware of in the decision-making process in order to avoid these mistakes. Here are some things you should take into account.

1. Fundamentals first, design second

People can get carried away with the design of their garage door before they have the big stepping stones in place.

Measurements and quotes are a vital part of the garage door buying process. Once you have established that your building site is ready, you can initiate the beginning stages of your garage instalment by getting in contact with us for a measure and quote. Always seek assistance for this from a professional; because if you try to measure up your garage door opening yourself, you could receive a quote that is totally inaccurate. Once you’ve received an accurate quote, it will help you narrow down what style and design of garage door will be fit.

2. Leave installation to the professionals

Don’t attempt to be the ‘Jack of all Trades’ by installing a garage door yourself. Garage doors need to be installed professionally for longevity.

One common misconception is that the best way to save money is to do things yourself. Although this can be true, if done inadequately, it can cost you the safety of your home, as well as cause you to fork out more money. Steel-Line are industry professionals with garage doors, and we know you’ll love our installations for both our styles on offer and their functionality. We can even give you a sneak peak of your future garage with our garage door visualisation program. These are photographic simulators that will give you instant insight into the future of your garage door. For more information on these services, you can get in contact with us on 1300 767 900, or check out our branch locatorgarage door visualiser

3. Come prepared to your consultation

Know what you like, and what you don’t like. Know what will suit your lifestyle, and what will be a hindrance. Come prepared with examples of your desired garage door and what accessories would suit you.

4. What do you want it to look like?

It’s always a bonus knowing what style of garage door you want, because it helps you ease into the consultation. There’s a few things to take into account, and our garage door selection guide will help you decide; but the main criteria to be aware of are:

If you think about each of these it would greatly help you when approaching a consultation. To help you visualise what your garage door could look like, check out our FREE online garage door design tool.

Who will be using the garage door and how can you make it convenient for them?

You should also take into consideration the lifestyle of the people living in the home; or who the garage door will effect. If you have an elderly family member or someone with a physical disability that would struggle with lifting a garage door, then an automatic garage door would be more beneficial.

There are also numerous garage door accessories that you can choose from. These all have different perks and benefits to keep you safe, and save you time.

  • For safety/security:
    • Photo electric beams: Detect obstructions whilst opening/closing doors; helps avoid injury to you and damage to your car.
    • Emergency Key Release: In case of emergency power failure/malfunction, allows access to garage through an internal/external keyhole. Useful if you need instant
      access, but have no electronic mechanism working to get in.
    • Wireless Security Keypad: You can input up to 12 unique codes for family, friends and tradesmen. Allows you to leave your keys at home with some peace of mind.
  • For convenience:
    • Handsets: Key ring remote transmitters. Small, convenient and can be attached to your keys for easy access to up to 4 automated doors.
    • Visor Mounted Transmitter: Small transmitter that attach to the visor of your car, or on the wall of your house, with the ability to control up to 3 doors/gates.
    • Wireless Wall Mounted Remote: Easy to use remote near an internal access door. Opens and closes the garage door, easily and efficiently.

5. Question the competitive quotes.

Don’t settle for what people tell you. If you’ve received one quote and it’s substantially different to another, ask them why.

So often, companies believe their service is worth one price when another will do the exact same job for a substantially different sum of money. Sometimes it can be the difference between chalk and cheese; but you won’t know until you enquire.

Some good questions to ask would be:

  • Does this quote include the price of supply AND installation?
  • Is the product made in Australia?
  • Does the supplier provide after sale support services?
  • Does the garage door and opener meet the Australian safety standards?

Many businesses are open to nut out the different components to their quote, and quite often have viable reasons for their difference, but you just don’t know until you ask. Those questions will help bring viability to their quote.

Time to enjoy!

Once it’s all been installed, and you’re happy with the outcome, you can begin to enjoy it! Do not hesitate to approach the installer’s if you have any issues. It is their job to fix and service your garage door, and should be held accountable for any serious problems.

If for some reason they cannot be of any assistance, just call the Steel-Line Contact Centre on 1300 767 900 and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Guide on Choosing the Right Colour for Your Garage Door

It’s often a big question in all areas of design: what is the perfect colour? Although this is a subjective question, there are always different things to consider to help you choose the ‘perfect’ garage door colour.

Your garage door can make a clear statement about a home. People see a house, and the first thing they notice is the garage door.

Have you ever seen a really nice garage door, or on the flip side; a terrible looking garage door? Maybe you’ve seen a nice matte grey garage door on a new, modern home, or a stunning wooden automatic door on a vintage style home. Maybe you’ve seen the opposite; a dark purple roller door on a white house, or a rustic steel garage door on a modern house.

Although it ultimately comes down to personal taste, there are some absolute do’s and don’ts.

First things first: basics.

It’s always good to understand the basics of colour. There are three categories to consider:

  • Preferences: what you like, and what suits your family and their interests.
  • Logic: what naturally will look good with the colour of your house.
  • Science: what people will notice subconsciously.

When choosing the right colour, don’t just rely on one category. Taking all of these into consideration will help guide you towards a great decision. Steel-Line has a visualisation tool that will help you out with the basics of what does and doesn’t look good. It let you see your garage door, before you have even thought about buying one.

Stay true to your home’s personality

Whether you realise it or not, your house has a personality, and that personality is defined by the current look and design.

  • Is it a really modern, minimalistic house? Well a steel roller door won’t stylistically fit. It could make it look outdated. A light shade of grey, or white Inspirations garage door will sit nicely.
  • Is it a brick house, with a neutral earthy colour? A pastel coloured door might look out of place. A timber look sectional door would look great.
  • Is it an old Queenslander styled home? Maybe a large stone textured automatic door will not contrast well; but a white, or a light pastel coloured roller door

Just be realistic with what design elements your home currently does, or will carry. Among many others, these are a few of the core elements that will affect the overall look of your garage door.

  • Visible materials
  • Colour of walls and roof
  • Style of home
  • Surrounding landscape

It’s a good idea to scope out the lay of the land, and find things that you can compliment. Even colours of garden pots, driveways and letterboxes can all make a difference in the decision making process.

Capture people’s attention

Majority of the time, a garage door covers around 30% of the front of the house. You can make a statement about your home, and use this to your advantage.

Choosing a contrasting colour to the front of your home can highlight the entire front of your house, and help you obtain an eye-catching, unique look. It all falls under the ‘design pallet’.

It doesn’t have to be a strict contrast; you can choose to be playful, and let your personality shine, or you could choose to be more formal with a stock-standard approach that looks professional and sleek, neither is right nor wrong. Something to take note of for design purposes is keeping a strong sense of consistency throughout the design. One way you can do this, is by applying the same colour of your garage door to your window sills, or your roof colour.

Take the pressure off yourself. With the help of our tools, you can successfully find the right garage door colour, and Steel-Line are here to help.

The Necessities of Garage Door Maintenance

Ever woken up because of a really loud garage door? It’s annoying.

It is really important to consistently look after your garage door and opener in order to allow for a smooth and quiet open and close. In fact, if you neglect the maintenance of your garage door and the opener, you actually put the warranty at stake. remote garage door

How often should I check the state of my garage door?

This will vary depending on the environment it is in, and the frequency it is used. Steel-Line suggests that you check the operation of it every three to six months. To get the general idea of what state your garage door is in, just simply open and close it. Both the opening and closing should take the same amount of effort, and the process should be both smooth and fluent. If you have an automatic garage door though, make sure you turn on manual mode, so you don’t break the electronics. If you notice something is out of order, and you don’t take the correct maintenance and service opportunities, your warranty may become void.

Don’t let the good quality, become bad quality.

If you have a Colourbond or coloured steel door, you’ll find that it has been pre-painted with a silicone modified polyester formulation. This is currently in the top sector of paint films that you could possibly buy today. But, you can never be too careful when it comes to the maintenance of your garage door. Despite having the top quality coverings, mechanics and openers, you must always take the time to check for corrosion and blemishes.

Regardless of the type of door you have, a smart thing to do would be to wipe down the surface of your door with a clean wet cloth, at least once a month; but if you live directly near a beach, we’d suggest you do this more frequently. If you’re on the driveway cleaning the car, or watering the plants, just clean the garage door whilst you’re at it; that’ll save you excess time. One thing you should not do is clean the automatic door opener; you will lose your warranty, and have a high chance of being electrocuted.

General maintenance checklist:

There are a several components to a garage door to take care off, on a consistent basis (we recommend every three to six months). Here’s a list of them.

  • Guide tracks:
  • Rolling doors: Using a cloth and methylated spirits or turps; polish and clean the internal guide tracks. The more you polish, the easier and less resistant the tracks are for the Nylofelt to run through.
  • Sectional Doors: These should be cleaned just like any other rolling door. The internal tracks however, are not required to be polished.
  • Steel hinges:
  • Lubricate with an all-purpose machine oil; but also lubricate the wheel axle bearings. This will make them very smooth, and run without kinks and bumps.
  • Plastic hinges:
  • Silicon spray is the best option to loosen these up. Generally speaking though, you don’t really need to lubricate these.
  • Springs:
  • Just wipe over with an oily rag, no need to spray directly, just excess oil off a rag is enough.
  • Locks:
  • Locks don’t need special maintenance; but a common problem is a key struggling inside, or becoming stiff. Something as simple as RP7 or WD40 will do the trick.
  • Opener chain:
  • You can use any chain lube to lubricate.
  • Lifting cables:
  • There may be some fraying from the friction. If you notice these signs at all, get in contact with a garage door technician as soon as possible. The importance of these are high, so don’t adjust the tension on these yourself, they should be dealt with by a professional.
  • Fasteners:
  • Make sure that all components are locked in place tightly, and securely (screws, nuts, bolts, etc.). If any are damaged, consider replacement.
  • Spring tension:
  • Springs naturally will stretch and loosen and wear over time; however if it gets to the point where your garage door is seizing up, or becoming totally inoperative, then get in contact with a garage door technician as soon as possible.

Among all of these things, it is our recommendation that you receive a service on your garage door once every 12 months.


  • Under no circumstance should you ever adjust or configure your own maintenance on the spring unit; always seek assistance from a professional.
  • Do not stand underneath or near a moving garage door, whether it be during its upward or downward travel.
  • Utilize the door handle when opening and closing the door manually.
  • The pull rope MUST be removed if the door is now or later becomes automatically operated.
  • Do not place your fingers, or any body part between door panels or moving parts of the garage door at any time whilst it is in operation. This can and will cause serious injury.

It is very important to always consider the importance of your garage door and garage door openers maintenance. If these are not looked after, it can void your opener warranty, and over time become an expensive operation to be dealt with. If you do your part and consider all of the above, you will be making great moves to extend the longevity of your garage door.

Some Useful Garage Storage Ideas [Infographic]

In many cases, homeowners do not properly utilize the full organizational and storage capacity in their garage.  By employing a few simple strategies, you can free up space, create a workable and organized storage area and improve your garage’s overall appeal and function.

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The garage often becomes a dumping ground all for unwanted things in the house.  Do you really need to keep those old bikes, fishing rods, tyres and buckets?  A quick sort and dump every year is not only good for the soul, it’s great for maximizing your space.


Sort It!

Stuff everywhere?  You know you have the right sized screwdriver somewhere, but where is the damn thing.  Don’t underestimate the satisfaction you’ll receive from a well organised garage space.  Not only you will be able to choose the right items at the right time without having to grope around for it, you’ll also impress your friends and family.  Just because they don’t say anything, it doesn’t mean they’re not judging you!



With a bit of thought and planning, think what you need access to and how often you’ll need it.  Is it a once a year or weekly bit of kit?  Streamline – one shelf car detailing, one shelf pet supplies, one shelf gardening, three shelves tools.   Your surfboard wall racks, your bike area, your workbench.  It’s like Minecraft for adults.


Divert Attention

Hide the ugly stuff.  Soiled boots and coats, old paint tins, oily rags.  Get them on racks, behind doors, in plastic storage containers.   Did Picasso leave his dirty overalls in his gallery? This is your domain, your work of art, your pride and joy. Give it some love.


Go Vertical

Quite often the garage becomes messy and unorganized because of a lack of storage space. Consider vertical rather than horizontal storage. Take a quick trip to Bunnings –  cabinets with sliding metal storage bins, slatwall storage systems – these can be inexpensive and make a world of difference.


Jazz It Up

Who wrote that garages need to look dull and drab?  A new coat of paint, new flooring, lighting, that cool stuff that your partner won’t let you put on the walls in your home – your favorite Jimi Hendrix poster, Fosters beer sign or that imitation samurai sword you picked up on your travels for example.


Double Duty

The back wall of the garage often goes unused and is a great place to hang skis, surfboards, fishing rods, power tools – with some planning and attention to balance, color and symmetry, you’ll get your creative juices flowing and create your very own mural for years of viewing pleasure.


Light It Right!

Garages should be as bright as possible so a small investment in the right lighting system, giving an even distribution of light, may pay off in spades. Many quality garages also have chandeliers which add beauty and sophistication to the whole place. Chandelier not your thing?  Try a disco ball or strobe light!


Look Up

When space is a constraint it makes better sense to try and make use of ceiling as best as possible. You could use strong hooks on the ceiling to hand bicycles, cruisers and also kayaks if you are fishing and boating enthusiast. Get your mates over and feel the satisfaction as they look up quietly and nod their approval.

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