It’s often a big question in all areas of design: what is the perfect colour? Although this is a subjective question, there are always different things to consider to help you choose the ‘perfect’ garage door colour.

Your garage door can make a clear statement about a home. People see a house, and the first thing they notice is the garage door.

Have you ever seen a really nice garage door, or on the flip side; a terrible-looking garage door? Maybe you’ve seen a nice matte grey garage door on a new, modern home, or a stunning wooden automatic door on a vintage style home. Maybe you’ve seen the opposite; a dark purple roller door on a white house, or a rustic steel garage door on a modern house.

Although it ultimately comes down to personal taste, there are some absolute dos and donts.

First things first: basics

It’s always good to understand the basics of colour. There are three categories to consider:

  • Preferences: what you like, and what suits your family and their interests.
  • Logic: what naturally will look good with the colour of your house.
  • Science: what people will notice subconsciously.

When choosing the right colour, don’t just rely on one category. Taking all of these into consideration will help guide you towards a great decision. Steel-Line has a visualisation tool that will help you out with the basics of what does and doesn’t look good. It let you see your garage door before you have even thought about buying one.

Stay true to your home’s personality

Whether you realise it or not, your house has a personality, and that personality is defined by the current look and design.

  • Is it a really modern, minimalistic house? Well, a steel roller door won’t stylistically fit. It could make it look outdated. A light shade of grey or white Custom Collection garage door will sit nicely.
  • Is it a brick house, with a neutral earthy colour? A pastel coloured door might look out of place. A timber-look sectional door would look great.
  • Is it an old Queenslander-styled home? Maybe a large stone textured automatic door will not contrast well, but a white, or a light pastel coloured roller door.

Just be realistic with what design elements your home currently does, or will carry. Among many others, these are a few of the core elements that will affect the overall look of your garage door.

  • Visible materials
  • Colour of walls and roof
  • Style of home
  • Surrounding landscape

It’s a good idea to scope out the lay of the land and find things that you can compliment. Even colours of garden pots, driveways and letterboxes can all make a difference in the decision-making process.

Capture people’s attention

The majority of the time, a garage door covers around 30% of the front of the house. You can make a statement about your home, and use this to your advantage.

Choosing a contrasting colour to the front of your home can highlight the entire front of your house, and help you obtain an eye-catching, unique look. It all falls under the ‘design pallet’.

It doesn’t have to be a strict contrast; you can choose to be playful, and let your personality shine, or you could choose to be more formal with a stock-standard approach that looks professional and sleek, neither is right nor wrong. Something to take note of for design purposes is keeping a strong sense of consistency throughout the design. One way you can do this is by applying the same colour as your garage door to your window sills, or your roof colour.

Take the pressure off yourself. With the help of our tools, you can successfully find the right garage door colour, and Steel-Line is here to help.

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