News of Steel-Line Garage Doors

10 Ways to Get Your Garage Organised for Good

A lot of us struggle with keeping our garages free of clutter. In fact, it’s even gotten to the point where it feels like garages are no longer meant for cars. Why is that? Simply because too many of us use it for all the other stuff we need to be stored away from the...

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Why Automate Your Garage Door?

There are so many advantages in automating your garage door. Let’s face it, there aren’t too many more irritating things than getting out of your car in the pouring rain or freezing cold to manually open or close your garage door. When you have an automated garage...

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10 Innovative Uses for a Garage

The modern day garage no longer just has to be a place to park the car. As space becomes limited and people become more innovative, interesting uses for garage spaces are emerging. Here are a few of the best: Man cave Garages generally have a testosterone fueled feel,...

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Steel-Line Launches Secura-Lock

At Steel-Line, we are pleased to announce the release of Secura-Lock, an automatic garage locking system providing enhanced security for you, your family and your home. Providing Australian homeowners with both security and durability, this product has been designed...

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8 Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home

Property is always a hot topic, and homeowners are always looking for ways to add value to their home, regardless of whether they intend to sell or remain in the home for years to come. There are a multitude of different ways that you can increase the value of your...

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