With nearly 50 years of servicing the Australian market, Steel-Line has seen a lot of garages. But not all of them are used for car parking.

More and more, homeowners are turning to garage conversions to expand their homes without having to go through expensive and inconvenient renovations or extensions. Instead, they are using space they already have, transforming their garages into all manner of rooms, from home offices to craft workshops.

If you need more space, here are a few innovative garage uses to make it an extension of your home, rather than just somewhere to park the car.

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1. Convert Your Garage into a Home Gym

Having a gym in your own home is a great way to reach your fitness goals without the inconvenience of having to leave home to work out. You may even save a small fortune on membership fees!

Having a garage gym solves the problem of childcare. If your children are old enough, a home gym is even a great way to get the whole family working out together. You can skip the line-ups for weights, avoid the germs on the treadmill, and customise the space to your liking.

Using your garage for this purpose means you don’t have to find a place for heavy gym equipment inside the home and if you plan your layout well, you’ll have room for both a bike rack and car parking.

From making the space comfortable with insulation to space-saving storage solutions, we’ve listed all the steps for how to design your workout space in our article Cancel Your Gym Membership: Use Your Garage Instead.

2. Create a Workshop or Craft Space for Hobbies

Using your garage space for hobbies is a fantastic way to get serious about what’s important to you. Whether you want to create a craft room, studio, or workshop, you can make as much mess in the garage as you like without bothering the rest of your family with your half-finished projects.

Make sure ventilation is up to scratch, as airflow will be important if you plan to use paint or your workshop for hobbies such as gardening or woodwork.

Design the layout so that you have enough room for a workbench as well as plenty of storage space for art supplies or tools. Open shelving, peg boards, and cork walls are great storage solutions that also bring a touch of style to your space.

To update the look of your garage and provide an inspiring space to get creative, read our article Give Your Garage An Update With Paint.

3. Use the Space to Entertain and Relax

To create an informal living area or multipurpose room that’s just right for relaxing, turn to your garage. From TV and movies to a man cave, the addition of entertaining space right at the front of your home gives the whole family a way to entertain guests without bringing them through the rest of the house.

Whether you want to create a game room or home theatre, your flooring choices are key to a comfortable garage renovation. Soundproofing and air conditioning may also be worthwhile investments for your entertainment bonus room.

When it comes to style, use large, easy-to-clean rugs to create a cosy atmosphere, large cabinets for a homey storage solution, add a couch for comfort and let the games begin!

Here are some more tips on how to Turn Your Garage into a Warm and Comfy Entertainment Area.

4. Take Your Home Office Somewhere Quiet

Working from home continues to be a popular trend, so why not make your home office setup more permanent with a garage conversion? Separating work from home life is easier when you can shut the door at the end of the day. With upgrades such as an insulated garage door, you can turn the space you no longer need to park your car (because you work from home!) into a comfortable and private office space.

If you see clients, a garage is ideally located to avoid having to keep your whole home presentable. And with the right furniture and lighting, it offers more privacy and comfort than a co-working space.

5. Give Guests Somewhere to Go Other Than Your Couch

Because a garage is classed as a non-habitable structure, you’ll need approval from your local council if you’re planning on a garage conversion that turns your car parking space into a permanent bedroom. However, with a little creative styling, a garage can make a fantastic temporary guest room for when friends and family come to town.

Your guests can have a private oasis that offers comfort and privacy, with just a few small changes. Oversized rugs or carpet tiles can be easily removed once your guests have gone home. Mirrors placed opposite windows ensure there’s plenty of natural light and give the illusion of more space. A small desk gives guests somewhere to charge phones or computers.

Creating a cosy guest room in your garage just takes a little creativity.

6. Make Your Garage a Perfect Playroom

With Aussie backyards shrinking, the garage makes an ideal hangout space for the kids to make as much mess as they like. The key to turning your garage into a playroom or hangout zone is to get creative with storage.

Keep the toys contained and the floor clear for playing with hooks and shelving that’s low enough for the kids to reach. Transform the walls into an ever-changing art scene with blackboard paint, add some bean bags for story time or screen time and your children will be able to entertain themselves while still being close enough for you to keep an eye on them.

You can read more about different types of garage storage options in this article.

Ready to Transform Your Garage? We Can help!

Your garage is more than just a car parking space. Whether you need extra workspace or more room for living, garages are great multipurpose spaces that can be renovated quickly and affordably to suit your needs.

To learn more about the right inclusions for your garage door so that your space can transform when you need to expand your home, give Steel-Line Garage Doors a call. As Australia’s largest garage door manufacturer, Steel-Line has a huge range of stylish and durable garage doors to suit every need. Call us today on 1300 767 900 for a free measure and quote or head to our website to design your own garage door.

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