Garage Door Accessories

At Steel-Line, we can accessories to suit your needs including emergency key release, digital keyless entry, multi functional hand transmitter, key switch entry, photo eye protection, and flexibility to adapt other brands of receivers. Tell us your need. Our Product Consultant will be very happy to help you.

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pe beam

Photo Electric Beams

The Photo Electric Beam is designed to detect an obstruction while the door is closing and to send a signal to the opener to reverse or stop the door movement. It helps to protect your family from injury and your car from the damage caused by contact.

wireless wall button

Wireless Wall Mounted Remote

Can be installed near an internal access door to your garage giving you greater convenience to open and close your garage door.

wireless keyboard

Wireless Keypad

The keypad can be programmed with up to twelve user codes. It is perfect for the family, tradespeople, or even just going for a walk. This means you can leave your keys at home with peace of mind.

visitor mounted transmitter

Visor Mounted Transmitter

Experience the convenience of a versatile spare remote. Operate up to three doors or gates with one remote that can be fitted to a car visor or in the house.

garage door handsets

Garage Door Remote Control

Key ring remote transmitters are small and convenient with the ability to operate up to four doors or gates from the one unit. A must have for every set of keys in the house.

emergency key release

Emergency Key Release

Used in case of malfunction or power failure, especially useful if there is no other access to the garage.

electronic key switch

Electronic Key Switch

Allows entry into your garage from outside, via a key lock. Useful when remote handset is not available.

Automatic Garage Door Deadbolt SD by Steel-Line

Automatic Garage Door Deadbolt SD by Steel-Line

An Automatic locking system for your garage door.
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garage door handsets

Garage Door Seals

Fit your garage door with a weather seal or a brush seal, so you can trust that the precious contents of your garage are protected at all times. Tell me more >

emergency key release

Garage Door Insulation

If you are looking to achieve more energy efficiency throughout your home, you should consider insulating your garage door. Tell me more >

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