Powermesh Garage Door Controller – Smart Garage Openers!

powermesh garage door controller

Control your garage door like never before.

Enjoy the convenience of connecting your garage door. Watch the video now to see how it makes life easier.

garage door controller

Powermesh Garage Controller Sensor & Zimi Cloud Connect Bundle

 $495.00  $289

powermesh garage door controller

Powermesh Garage Controller & Sensor


zimi garage door control

Zimi Cloud Connect



For your safety and the safety of others, we strongly recommend the use of a Photo Electric Beam with your Powermesh Garage Door Controller.  A Photo Electric Beam is designed to detect an obstruction while the door closes and sends a signal to the opener to reverse or stop the door movement.  If you do not already have Photo Electric Beams installed, please contact your local Steel-Line branch for a quotation to have them installed.

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Voice Control.

Control your garage door with the Google Assistant. It’s hands free convenience from anywhere.

Flight Path Technology

The intelligent door sensor that’s aware of your door’s every position.

Open your door to new heights with increased safety.

60% Opened:

Put the push bikes

away after school.

40% Opened:

Receive deliveries or

leave things for friends.

20% Opened:

Make your garage the

pet-friendly door.

10% Opened:

Easy ventilation for

when it gets hot.

Take control with Zimi.

Makes any garage door simply smarter to use, monitor and share from anywhere in the world.

Simple Installation

Designed to work with your Roller, Sectional or Tilt garage door and existing garage door motor.

Do more with your garage door


The door everyone can share, no keys need.

Choose who and when access is allowed to your garage door.


Suits all Garage Door Types.

Once the sensor takes flight it automatically adjusts to any door type.


Flight Path Technology

The intelligent sensor that takes your door to new heights.


Never be left in the dark again.

Add a Powermesh light switch in your garage so your lights automatically turn on when leaving or coming home.

automatic garage door
roller door


Garage Door Controller and Sensor

Do more with your Garage Door. A simple control that extends use,
access when you are home or away.

Powermesh Garage Controller with Sensor

Communication: Bluetooth ®
Power: 24VDC <500mA
Outputs: 2 x dry connect relays for motor bell press connection.
Inputs: 2 x Photo Eye Beams (PEB) Refer to the compatibility list.

Door Sensor

Communication: Bluetooth ®
IP rating: IP66
Battery: CR2450

In the box

1 x Garage Door Controller.
1 x Door Sensor.
Instruction and installation guide.
1 x Power Plug Supply.

Amazing features with simple ways to share, monitor and open.

Any Garage Door

Controls 1 or 2 garage doors in any home.

Existing Motors

Works with your existing system.

Voice Control

Hands-free control by simply speaking.

Flight Path Technology

Open your door to different heights.

Anywhere Access

Extend your reach to anywhere in the world.

Temp & Humidity

Monitor the climate inside your garage.
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