Smart Garage Door Openers

Steel-Line has a remote control garage door operator for every type of application. They are reliable and easy to install. Installing an automatic opener for your garage door gives your family protection from the weather and an easy way in and out of the garage. A simple press of a button from inside the car opens your garage door smoothly and quickly, so you just drive right inside.

Some things we can’t control, others you just don’t have to.

Steel-Line . simply safer

Steel-Line’s Range of Garage Door Openers

Reliability and safety are core characteristics we deliver in every Steel-Line product, and our garage door openers are no exception. As pioneers in our field, you can expect the highest quality systems and most up-to-date technology when you choose a solution from us.

To discover the full range of garage door openers we have available, click through to our sectional door openers page or roller door openers page. We look forward to adding the sophisticated Steel-Line touch to your house soon.

Garage Door Accessories

At Steel-Line, we have a wide range of accessories to suit your needs including emergency key release, digital keyless entry, multi functional hand transmitter, key switch entry, photo eye protection, and flexibility to adapt other brands of receivers.

Add a boost of convenience to your home with one of our reliable garage door openers. Whether your garage doors are sectional or roller, we have the perfect opener ready to be integrated into your home.

Easy to install and incredibly sturdy, our openers can make life that little bit easier for you and your family. If you’d like some friendly advice about which product is a perfect fit for your home, get in touch with the Steel-Line team. With our large network across the country, we can install garage door openers in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, and many other locations throughout Australia.

Fantastic Features

These handy devices don’t just save you from having to open and close your garage manually. They also come with a variety of features to make entering and exiting your home a breeze.

  • Remote handset and courtesy light: Forget about stumbling through the dark at night. When used, our smartly designed garage door remotes automatically switch on a courtesy light to help you get to your car safely.
  • Door-stop programming: Leave your door open at any height you choose – perfect for airing out your parking space or letting your pets freely access the front yard.
  • Auto-reverse system: Ever had a collision or a near miss between your car and your garage door? With the included auto-reverse system, you don’t need to worry about this. The door will simply halt and reverse if it comes into contact with anything that shouldn’t be there.
  • In-built safety timer: “Did I remember to close the garage door?” There are few doubts as frightening as this one when you’re driving to work in the morning. Thanks to the in-built safety timers of our garage door openers, these concerns are a thing of the past.
  • Quiet operation: You never need to choose between parking outside and waking up the neighbourhood – Steel-Line openers operate quietly to minimise noise disturbance.

A Package Tailored for Your Home

On top of being compatible with the most popular brands, our remote garage door openers can also be accessorised to meet your needs perfectly. Your customised package can include extras such as:

  • Emergency key release
  • Digital keyless entry
  • Multi-functional hand transmitter
  • Key switch entry
  • Photo eye protection
  • Adaptation to work with other receiver brands.

Simply talk to us about your requirements, and we can develop a tailored solution that works for your home.

Choosing the Right Opener

The most important thing to look for when selecting a garage door opener is the RCM logo. This assures you that the product meets Australian safety standards and will serve your family reliably for several years (with proper care and maintenance). After this, you simply need to consider which of the features above are important to you and check the product you’re purchasing includes these.

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