Steel Roller Shutter

Are you looking for a shutter solution that provides exceptional strength and flexibility? Our industrial steel roller shutters are perfect for catering to the unique needs of large complexes and facilities, providing an extra touch of strength and functionality to any openings and entrances. 

Our steel roller shutters offer superior strength and resistance thanks to the use of wind-lock clips and guides. An innovative mixture of features makes this product a popular and reliable choice.

steel roller shutter

SC100 Roller Shutter

Steel-Line supplies SC100 roll-formed roller shutters constructed with 100mm galvanised steel slats for added durability. The heavy-duty design of the steel slats allows them to endure the often-tough conditions of industrial/commercial environments while requiring minimal maintenance. If damage does eventually occur, the affected slat can be replaced individually.

The SC100 steel roller shutter features a guide channel with nylon rubber to minimise noise during opening and closing. This keeps movement smooth and non-disruptive throughout the product’s lifetime. This roller shutter can be manually or electronically operated for your convenience.

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Suitable for a Wide Range of Purposes

Whether you require strength and functionality for your warehouse, workshop or commercial building, our commercial steel roller shutters are an ideal option. They can be manufactured to fit almost any size and space.

Manual or Power Operation

We give you the choice of having your steel roller shutters installed with either a smooth manual or convenient power operation. No matter what your preference is, we have the option to accommodate your needs.

Long-Lasting Materials

Our steel roller shutters are guaranteed to be a long-lasting investment for your organisation. Made from the sturdiest materials, your product will withstand the elements, resisting corrosion and maintaining its exterior for years to come.

Stylish Aesthetic

The sleek and modern appearance of these shutters makes them perfect for any industrial building. Their simple yet contemporary aesthetic allows them to easily suit any existing architecture and style, creating a seamless overall appearance for your exterior.

Trust Steel-Line for Your Industrial Shutters

When you need roller shutters for your new or existing building, turn to the company that has been serving Australians in this industry for more than 40 years. A Steel-Line door is one of the best investments you can make for your commercial or industrial premises – contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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Q75 Roll Formed Roller Shutter

If your industrial, commercial or large shed project is on a tight timeline and budget, then the new Q75 roller shutter is the product you are looking for.
There are a number of exciting model options in the Q75 series to meet the varying applications that customers need. With our new standard range of quality Australian made Colorbond steel now stocked in our factories, we can provide best in class lead times from measure to final installation and remove the need for costly powder coating.
The patented, dual silencing strip in the guide channel ensures quiet operation day in day out and with full wind testing certification, our products are not only innovative in design but also built to last under the harshest of Australian conditions.

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Features and Benefits

Recommended Specification

Q75 Roll Formed Roller Shutter with 75mm Galvanized Steel material as manufactured by ARCO Australia.


The heavy duty steel slat is designed to stand the wear and tear of industrial and commercial applications such as carparks, warehouses/sheds, loading docks, schools etc.


The Q75 roller shutter is available in two thicknesses (0.6mm and 0.8mm). The maximum door width for 0.6mm is 5.5m wide, maximum door width for 0.8mm is 7.0m wide.

  • Slotted Slats – Any number of slats can be punched with a 100mm wide x 25mm high slot for ventilation.
  • Multihole Slats – The slats can also be continuously perforated with 2.41mm diameter holes at 3.66mm staggered centres prior to rolling. These perforations cover 40% of the slat surface.

    As the perforation process removes a substantial portion of the slat’s zinc coating, it is not recommended to be used in a highly corrosive environment.

Please note: Multihole slat is not covered by our standard warranty.


  • Manually Operated – Small roller shutters up to 6m2 may be operated manually by hand. A pull hook is provided for opening and closing the door.
  • Electric Operated – For shutters above 6m2 motorization is recommended. It includes an option of either a 1/2 HP or 1HP motor depending on size. Both are incorporating a standard reversing contactor and an Up/Down/Stop push button controller with a hand chain override mechanism in case of power failure.

A variety of activation options are available for all applications.

We offer a range of remote control and key switch options.


Locking shall be either by shoot bolt (manually operated) or by an electrical motor.

NOTE: This product may not be available in some regions in Australia. Please check with your local Steel-Line branch regarding availability. 

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