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If you need garage doors in Perth, trust Steel-Line to deliver the perfect solution for your house. When you choose a garage or commercial door from us, you can buy directly from the manufacturer and save money. We service all Perth suburbs, including Darch, Clarkson, Beldon, North Perth, and many other regional areas in Western Australia.

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A Selection Of Garage Doors We Service in Perth

Ranch style home with colorbond garage door

Sectional Garage Doors »

Sectional garage doors comprise several rigid hinged sections that slide overhead and, in the open position, sit parallel to the garage’s ceiling. Sectional garage doors are lightweight and easy to operate due to their track and roller system, plus accurate torsion spring balancing.

Top Residential Auto Garage Doors In Perth

Roller Garage Doors »

Our roller doors combine a unique profile with first-class materials making them some of the strongest, quietest and most reliable roller doors available.

decowood garage door door

DecoWood® Garage Doors »

Our DecoWood® garage doors combine the fantastic feel and appearance of timber with the strength of Australian BlueScope Steel, providing you with a product that looks amazing while reliably protecting your home.

inspirations garage door, aluminium composite panels

Custom Garage Doors »

Our custom garage doors are excellent value for money and allow you the freedom to design a garage door that truly reflects the style of your home at a price that suits your budget.

Custom-designed garage doors express your individuality. Yet, at the same time, they deliver quality and longevity unmatched by any other garage door.

Best Automatic Garage Door Openers In Perth

Wind Rated Garage Doors »

In high wind and cyclonic areas, it’s sometimes necessary to engineer your garage or industrial door a little differently to ensure it withstands the particular stresses it may be subject to. Steel-Line cyclone garage doors are ideal for homes, sheds, and commercial and industrial warehouses in high wind-prone areas.

industrial door

Commercial/Industrial Doors »

We deliver durable, high-performing commercial and industrial garage doors that provide practical functionality while maintaining a stylish appearance. As a result, your business can have an appealing exterior aesthetic without compromising durability.

Your Garage Door Options in Western Australia

Our sectional garage doors come with 6 Colorbond® profiles, and 2 DecoWood® garage door profiles (Ribline and Flatline) in WA. Other states offer 5 profiles for both Colorbond® and DecoWood® sectional garage doors.

sectional garage door colour profile

Window Options

Windows can be fitted to Stanford, Heritage or Ranch designs in standard Colorbond® colours, excluding Classic Cedar® and Caoba®.

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Colour Options

Please note: The monitor’s colour setting variation may affect colour perception. Therefore, we strongly recommend comparing your choice with actual samples.

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Our Garage Door Openers

SD1200 sectional garage door opener

Always dreamed of automatic garage doors? When it comes to both sectional garage doors and roller doors, Steel-Line has a suitable garage door opener. Our openers can fit in all of our garage doors and the most popular brands of garage doors and accessories to suit your requirements.

Selecting the right opener depends partly on the construction of your door (sectional or roller door). How much horsepower the garage door opener has also depends on the weight of your door and how frequently you use it.

Our garage door openers are incredibly sturdy and reliable and carry the RCM logo, which means they comply with Australian electrical safety standards. They also carry safety features such as an auto-reverse system and a built-in safety timer.

Our accessories include remote controls, keypads, a visor-mounted transmitter for your car, and even the state-of-the-art technology of photoelectric beams.

Steel-Line does not use contractors. Instead, our technicians will install the garage door opener for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Steel-Line garage doors are different from other companies?

The Steel-Line garage door company has the largest range of colours, styles and materials for garage doors in Australia. We also keep up-to-date with the latest technologies.

Australian conditions provide unique challenges. We have garage doors to suit all conditions, including a large range of garage doors suitable for cyclone areas.

Being an Australian garage door company, we proudly make our doors from Australian BlueScope Steel. We do not use cheap steel, and we do not take shortcuts. On the contrary, we pride ourselves on making garage doors of the best quality.

Why Steel-Line is the No.1 Garage Door Company in Western Australia?

Steel-Line has been designing and manufacturing quality garage doors in Australia for 40 years. We manufacture residential and commercial garage doors from high-quality Australian steel and other materials best suited for the extremes of the Australian climate.

Steel-Line also offers a range of colours, materials and designs and quality customer service. In addition to our large range of standard garage doors, we also offer custom garage doors to suit any innovative designs that homeowners, architects and builders may have.

At Steel-Line, our focus has always been on manufacturing quality products. As a result, we have become the largest garage door manufacturer in Australia. Over 2,000 builders across Australia install Steel-Line garage doors, including 62 out of the Housing Industry Association’s ‘Top 100’ builders.

We are the only national garage door supplier with its own branch network, so you deal with the manufacturer, not a third party. We not only manufacture the doors, but we are also installing garage doors and provide maintenance and repairs. So whether your doors are residential, commercial or industrial, you will always have our direct support. In addition, we have branches in every capital city and a number of regional areas, so our customers always have a local contact.

As a result, Steel-Line has an excellent customer service record. Where Steel-Line scores 50+ on the Net Customer Satisfaction Measurement, other companies in the industry only score an average of 9.

What are the benefits of Steel-Line doors in the commercial and industrial sectors?

Steel-Line manufactures commercial and industrial doors that provide practical functionality while maintaining a stylish appearance.

Our commercial and industrial doors meet all your business’s important requirements. Our products combine strength and reliability, so you can rest assured your door will work for years to come.

Commercial doors are used in both interior and exterior settings, everything from shop fronts, markets and warehouses to hospitals and aircraft hangars. Because the door is part of the image of your business, our commercial doors and industrial doors come in a wide range of materials, styles and colours, which are stylish and aesthetically pleasing.

We also provide custom door designs to suit your business. We manufacture and install counterweight doors, folding doors, aluminium roller shutters and grilles, and steel roller doors. The Steel-Line door company offers user-friendly options such as ventilation and easy opening and closing. We cater to all of your specific needs.

Our commercial doors are made in Australia and meet Australian industrial standards. We manufacture and install all of our doors, which all come with after-sales service.

What are the services and products you provide to the commercial market?

At Steel-Line we don’t only sell residential garage doors, but we also have our own highly qualified service technicians who are available to service all makes and models of our commercial and industrial doors. They can also provide diagnostics to identify and repair most problems that your door may have.

We have qualified technicians throughout our branch network which covers all states and territories across Australia.

We offer competitive rates for specialised services.

How to find a local roller garage door installer near me?

The Steel-Line garage door company has an Australia-wide network. We have over 60 residential installation crews operating out of 21 branches and we install over 60,000 residential garage doors per annum.

All of our garage door installers are personally trained by Steel-Line and they have experience in both commercial & residential garage door installations. Below are some of the things they can do for you:

  • Lubricate and perform maintenance and alignment checks
  • Code new or existing garage door remotes
  • Check operation of the door(s) and motor(s)
  • Check wire ropes, guide tracks, wheels, bearings and pulley area
  • Check the motor/gearbox area for leaks
  • Check all slats, guide tracks, end clips, drum tension and bottom rail
  • Check and adjust limits as required
  • Check hand hauling chain as required
  • Report any further requirements (parts, etc.) or future concerns
  • Provide invoice for completed service checklist(s)

How to purchase Steel-Line products?

Steel-Line garage doors, openers and accessories can be ordered directly from a Steel-Line branch near you or through our extensive reseller network around the country.

Keep an eye out for new garage door designs and products. We have special introductory offers when we launch new products.

Do you replace garage doors?

When you decide to replace your old garage door, Steel-Line will remove your old garage door and install a garage door of your choice. All Steel-Line garage doors are covered by warranty.

What are the other services at competitive rates include?

  • Installing new barrels, keys or complete locks
  • Replacing garage door curtain/slat, weather seal and other parts
  • Supplying and fitting new motors, remotes, battery backup unit, “photo eyes” and other accessories

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