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Garage Door Replacement


Experience the difference that a new garage door can make…

A broken, damaged or destroyed garage door are not ideal.  Typically, garage doors are built for a long life with quality construction and enduring mechanisms – but nothing lasts forever, and garage doors are no exception.

When it comes time for a new garage door, the team at Steel-Line can bring their decades of expertise and garage door knowledge to provide the best solution in the quickest and most affordable manner.

We don’t want your car to be out in the rain or your home to be exposed any longer than necessary.

Whether you need a new motor, an entirely new garage door or a simple garage door opener replacement, our technicians can help and get your garage door running better than ever.

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Potential reasons to replace your garage door


Your Garage Door is Damaged

Impact damage is one of the most common reasons that home owners choose to have their garage door replaced. A simple dent can not only look bad but can turn into a safety and functionality issue if not addressed quickly.


Your Garage Door is Old

If you’ve just completed exterior renovations, a garage door can impact the quality and street appeal of your new facade by up to 30%. Just as a garage door can improve the home, it can lessen the potential value of your sale and dim your home hard earned face lift.

Additionally, an older garage door can cause greater issues down the line with less functional parts causing a more expensive operation.


You Need a Low Maintenance Alternative

Perhaps your home is stuck with a garage door of old. The time has come for a replacement so you can experience the ease and efficiency that comes with an automatic garage door.

As with most modern solutions, a new style garage door is simpler to clean, maintain and service. Replacements of old garage doors are one of the most rewarding jobs as customers realise how much easier their life is with their new garage door.


Broken Garage Door Openers

If your garage door openers are broken or malfunctioning, your car could get stuck or your belongings could be exposed while you drive away for the day.

Our team can perform a replacement on vital parts of your door to bad weather and unwanted pests at bay.


You Need a Non-Car Garage Door

With more people working at home or searching for affordable living options, garages are becoming more versatile.

Perhaps the garage doors don’t work for your intended purpose and you’re looking for an insulated and well-sealed solution. Our replacement service can help.


Reduced Service Costs Overall

The garage is the hottest section of your home and if you’re using it as a workshop, living space or want to keep your cars cool – the cost to cool it can be exponential. With our insulated sectional or garage doors, you can keep the cool air in and the hot air out, and vice versa.

Whatever the reason may be for needing the garage door replaced, our technicians can help.

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Your Options for Garage Door Replacement


Designing a stunning garage door has never been simpler with Steel-Line.

We are recognised industry wide for pioneering and setting the trend for how garage doors and roller doors should look in the modern age. Gone are the days of faded garage doors and aluminium facades.

We deliver the widest range of colours, designs and materials Australia wide. All you need to do is imagine your dream garage door, and we can bring it to life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to replace a garage door?

The cost to replace your door will depend on a number of factors which we can run you through.

All Steel-Line customers get a free quote by using our online service here.

Can I replace garage doors myself?

It is not recommended to do so for safety reasons unless you are a trained professional.

Is it worth replacing the door?

In short – yes! Replacing your garage door can improve the value and functionality of your home exponentially and ensure long term cost and energy savings.

When is the right time to replace my garage door?

Anytime that your door is old, broken or damaged. Doors can be replaced successfully year round, and it’s generally best to do it as soon as possible.

Can you finance garage doors?

We accept Zip payments so you can pay over time and get your door working as soon as possible.

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