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Turn natural light and fresh air into a feature by adding a customised Steel-Line window design option to your sectional overhead door (windows can only be fitted to Ranch or Heritage designs in standard Colorbond® colours).

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When it comes to purchasing garage doors, it pays to do your research. Whether you have recently purchased a new home or would simply like to upgrade your existing property, there are several factors to consider.

The first thing that most people consider is privacy. Many people prefer windowless doors for these exact reasons, though this also results in a dark and gloomy space that can feel quite hostile. If you were hoping to utilise your garage as a home office space, fitness zone or workshop, the lack of natural lighting would pose a significant barrier. If your goal is to incorporate natural light into your existing garage space or your garage is prone to dampness, adding windows to our garage door could be the perfect finishing touch.

traditional garage door with 7 stockton windows on the door

Choosing the correct window and position

If you’ve ever had to purchase a garage door, you’ll know that there are plenty of styles, shapes and sizes to choose from. Well, if you’re looking to buy a garage door window, you’re in for a similar experience.

If you can’t quite visualise the look you’re hoping to achieve, take a quick drive around your neighbourhood and take note of the styles that other homeowners have chosen for their garage. If curb appeal is important to you, aim for a window that complements not only your garage door but also the exterior style of your home as a whole. 

An important consideration is the position of your windows. If your aim is to maximise the amount of natural light available, your best bet is to place your windows in the higher sections of your panels. This will also aid with privacy, as people passing by will not be able to see inside your garage.

On the contrary, if you’d prefer to optimise airflow, selecting ventilated windows and positioning them on the bottom door panel can be the perfect solution for those warm days.

A close up of a 3 panel garage door
a large two story home with 3 car garage
garage door with 2x3 windows


We have 14 different styles of windows available, a wide range of colours and can be fitted to Ranch or Heritage profiles or added to your custom collection door. Your local Steel-Line expert will be more than happy to discuss the full range of window options available to you.


In the meantime, view our gallery here or design your garage door using our online visualiser: Steel-Line Garage Doors Visualiser – Design your door.

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