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Garage Door Repairs

Here at Steel-Line, we understand the inconvenience caused when your garage door isnt working like its supposed to. With a team of experienced technicians, we offer professional garage door repairs for Australian houses and businesses. Our garage door repair service can help fix stuck, unresponsive, noisy and clunky garage door systems, getting your door back to optimal working condition in no time.

With a rich history of over 40 years providing garage door service to happy clients Australia-wide, we know manual and automatic garage doors better than most. Whether you’re planning a door for your new garage, needing garage door repair or having troublesome garage door problems, we can help. Our selection of garage doors is vast and continues to grow with the best brands on the market at excellent prices. We can service, repair or replace your garage door parts* from the motor to the springs. Our trained experts can quickly diagnose whether an entirely new door is required, or simply a reconfigured garage door opener, with just one look.  

We can service all Steel-Line garage doors and operators as well as doors and operators from most other brands (*depending on availability of parts). Simply contact us to discuss your situation and we will arrange your garage door repairs as quickly as possible.

Reliable and Efficient Repair & Service

Steel-Line technicians can also provide regular maintenance to make sure your door is working optimally and reduce the need for garage door repairs or replacements in the future.

Our technicians can:

  • Repair and replace garage door motors
  • Repair and replace garage door electronics and parts, including springs and cables
  • Code new or existing garage door remotes
  • Fix doors that will not stay closed or open
  • Realign, repair and replace broken cables and hinges
  • Replace barrels, keys and complete locks
  • Offer advice on replacement doors and parts if needed.

We recommend getting your garage doors serviced by a professional Steel-Line garage door service technician every 12 months to make sure they are working efficiently and aligned correctly. This can reduce the potential for incidents and malfunctioning.

If you experience any problems between these annual services, simply give us a call. We’ll organise a professional garage door repair service to take care of it. Our technicians are fully trained with years of experience and they constantly strive to provide you with friendly and efficient service.

If your garage door is beyond repair (or if it’s just time to get it replaced), your technician can offer advice on what will need replacing and determine if Steel-Line can accommodate your needs. With a wide variety of garage doors and openers for all different kinds of systems, including customised door options, it’s likely Steel-Line will have the high-quality product you require.


Why choose Steel-Line?

We are not just your average door manufacturer; we are the number one garage door specialists!  When you shop with us, you can be confident that you have come to the right place for garage doors.  

  1. You will be buying directly from the manufacturer with Steel-Line
  2. Award-winning design and quality
  3. A long-standing commitment to each and every customer
  4. Custom design is our specialty

To experience the Steel-Line difference for yourself, call us for a free quote or to chat with our friendly team about your doors. 

How much does it cost to fix a garage door?

The cost of a complete garage door repair will depend on the materials, whether your garage door is a manual roller door or automatic garage door and the main issues causing the breakdown. If it’s a simple replacement of the garage door motor, it will be cheaper than replacing the whole door or the entirety of the mechanisms. The cost of materials combined with the cost of labour will be carefully considered during the planning stages of your quote. With regular garage door service, the cost of repairs is generally lower with less work needed. Check out our service plan, if your garage door is less than 11 months old. With a Steel-Line Garage Door Service Plan, you can enjoy peace of mind for less with our 3-year and 5-year service plans at a much lower cost.

Should I repair or replace my garage door?

Whether we need to perform a replacement or repair depends on the severity of the problems, and what needs fixing. The system is constructed so that broken parts can often be fixed, the motor or springs can be replaced, or lubricants topped up, without needing to remove the old doors and install new ones. Sometimes, all that’s needed is new garage door openers.

How do I fix my automatic garage door?

An automatic garage door repair can be a complicated and even dangerous operation, which is why we suggest getting a pro to look at your garage door before attempting your own repair. There are a few things you can do to troubleshoot minor issues, such as:

  • Maintain lubrication
  • Keep the track clean
  • Realign the sensors
  • Check the rollers 
  • Look over the cables and pulleys
  • Check whether the Auto-Reverse is functional

For more information on how to perform these garage door regular maintenance, refer to your garage door user manual. If the issue is any greater than these, please contact a professional as soon as possible to avoid an emergency. 

Why does my door need maintenance?

Garage doors and their automatic operators must work 24/7 in all weather conditions. The last thing we want is for something to go wrong and to hear either you are stuck in the rain or stuck outside late at night.

Like anything, with a little care and attention, your door will keep performing long into the future. We recommend that it is serviced by a garage door technician every 12 months to make sure it is lubricated and correctly aligned. In some cases, a lack of servicing could affect your warranties.

Is a garage door tune-up worth it?

Having your garage roller door tuned up, the motor checked, lubricants topped up, and springs replaced or examined – can save you costly repair in the future, or keep you from emergency situations. 

Those who avoid getting their garage roller door fixed or the quality of the mechanisms checked run the risk of the door falling, not working, coming off its hinges, or breaking a spring. Like any mechanism, regular tune-ups and servicing are essential to get a long life out of the product.

What is involved in a garage door service?

There is a range of major and minor checks required during an installation or service. A garage door service includes the lubrication of the critical moving parts including the springs, hinge points, rollers and locking device, a check of the position of the garage door on the tracks, replacement of the motors or electronics if needed, coding and syncing of the garage door openers, barrels, weather seals, cables, springs and locks. Your garage door repair services include a thorough check of all of the above mentioned. A reliable company will only repair or replace what is needed, ensuring your doors are in top working order.

How do you service steel garage doors?

Most servicing types and requirements call for a technician to do the job safely and completely. If you’re looking to perform minor servicing to keep your roller doors in top condition and smooth operation between technician visits, you can grease the springs, clean the guides, wash the door panels with soapy water.

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