Powermesh Garage Controller & Sensor


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Powermesh Garage Controller & Sensor The Powermesh Garage Door Controller gives you complete control in the palm of your hand. Powermesh is a universal system that is compatible with your existing garage door opener that uses class leading Bluetooth technology to provide complete control of your devices. With the Powermesh system convenience is the true advantage! You will have complete control using:

  • TOUCH- Simple control using your existing remotes
  • TAP- Full control with the Zimi App using your smartphone or tablet)
  • TALK- Voice control for the ultimate hands free convenience*

Each Powermesh Bundle is supplied with:

  • 1 x Garage door controller
  • 1 x Garage door sensor
  • 1 x Fixing accessories
  • 1 x Installation instructions

Free delivery Australia wide

To extend your control to anywhere in the world you will need to purchase the Zimi Cloud Connect. *Works with the Google Assistant.


For your safety and the safety of others, we strongly recommend the use of a Photo Electric Beam with your Powermesh Garage Door Controller.  A Photo Electric Beam is designed to detect an obstruction while the door closes and sends a signal to the opener to reverse or stop the door movement.  If you do not already have Photo Electric Beams installed, please contact your local Steel-Line branch for a quotation to have them installed.

Simple Installation

Designed to work with your Roller, Sectional or Tilt garage door and existing garage door motor. Watch the videos below to learn more.

A small additional investment for greater convenience

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Voice Control with Zimi Cloud Connect

Extend control of the complete suite of Powermesh products to anywhere in the world with the Zimi Cloud Connect*
With Zimi Cloud Connect you can enable voice control of all your devices.

*Get the Zimi App from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

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Anywhere & Anytime Access

Take control with Zimi, makes any garage door simply smarter to use. Open, close, set a door height, garage temperate, humidity and history.

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