When people think of beautiful spaces to spend their time in, a garage generally isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. On the contrary, a garage conjures images of concrete floors, oil stains and leftover chemicals. However, garages now have more purpose than ever before, from storage to home offices, and there are many reasons to improve the look of your old concrete floor.

Painting your garage floor is one of the most cost-effective and efficient ways to bring instant appeal and benefit to your garage. It can be very easy to complete, with garage floor coatings available from most hardware stores. The only other tools you need are a paintbrush, some cleaning supplies, and a roller. With some basic painting and cleaning know-how, you will have a beautiful garage in no time.

The benefits of painting your garage floor

  • Keep your cars clean
    Plain concrete creates more dust than you may think, landing on your cars, workbenches, laundry appliances and stored items. This is due to the surface slowly breaking down into microscopic dust particles that release a small amount with every step, sweep or drive in. A garage floor coating will trap the dust and create a seal over the entire floor, keeping your cars nice and clean.
  • Protect the foundations of your home
    Painting your floor can add a layer of durability under your parked vehicles, especially when a concrete sealer is used. As tough as concrete is, it is not immune from damage and wear. An added layer of protection can increase the durability of the garage floor’s surface to prevent cracks and damage over time.
  • Make the garage easier to clean
    Concrete floor paint will make your garage easier to clean than ever, with a simple vacuum, sweep or mop all that’s needed. With your concrete already being less prone to developing dust, the smooth finish will shine like new with very little effort.
  • Add resistance to mould, oil, chemicals, and mildew
    Garages are subject to some hard yakka mess. Chemicals, oil, dirt, and grime are daily occurrences, and with a coat of paint, spills can be cleaned up without fear of stains or seeping in. No longer will you have remnants of spills or leaks ruining your garage floor.
  • Brighter and more appealing garage
    Bare concrete absorbs light, where floor paint reflects it, brightening what is infamously a dark space.
  • Cost-effective
    A new garage floor coating is a cost-effective project, with the only tools you need being a paint roller, cleaning supplies and the paint itself. This is much more cost-friendly than epoxy flooring and easier to maintain with a simple touch-up when needed.
  • Instantly improves the façade of your garage
    This is especially important for those wanting to add value to their home. There is no denying the fact that when putting a house to market, no stone should be left unturned. Whether you have a single-car garage or an expansive multi-car space, your potential buyer will want to see that it is well maintained. There is only so much a pressure washer can do to remove tire marks and oil stains, yet a coated floor can add value from the first coat.

Types of paint to use on your garage floor

There are two main options for your garage floor coating – latex acrylic paint or 1 part epoxy paint. 1 part epoxy paint is different from full epoxy in that it dries like traditional paint, with the added strength of epoxy. This can be a great option if you plan to subject your garage floors to heavy duty use.

A paint with added epoxy will create a garage floor coating that is more durable and resistant to mould, mildew, dust, and chipping. There are a range of colours available and choosing the right one comes down to what is most important to you. If you’re looking to hide stains and tire marks, use a darker colour. If lightness and appeal is more important, a lighter grey will suit you best.

Concrete floor paint or latex acrylic paint is simply a tougher version of any other residential paint. It can be rolled on just like any other paint, which makes touch ups simple and application a breeze. It won’t be as durable as an epoxy-based paint, but with an annual touch up, you should barely notice the difference.

There are a few steps to painting your garage floor that will guarantee an attractive and durable surface. Read on for more information.

How to transform your garage floors with epoxy or paint

The beauty of painting your garage floor is that you can do it yourself! Within a weekend, your garage floor can have a fresh new look.

Some essential steps towards a successful garage floor paint job include:

  1. Preparation
    Cleaning out your garage is the first step, and potentially the most overwhelming. Try tackling one side at a time, starting from one corner to give yourself room to store things while you work. Preparation is key for getting good long-term results and a big part of this is cleaning the floor. Use rust oleum or something similar to clean and degrease the floor and give it a good scrub to remove any remaining dirt and grime.
  1. Apply concrete etching
    Clean concrete floors can be too hard and smooth to absorb paint or protective sealants. Concrete etching can help to prepare the surface of the floor to accept the paint or concrete sealer. This isn’t an essential step but is highly recommended and can be completed by following the instructions on the product.
  1. Let the floor completely dry
    This step speaks for itself. Wait at least 24 hours, and make sure your floor is as close to room temperature as possible before beginning the painting process.
  1. Time to roll!
    The best method to apply the paint is to use a roller. Tape the edges and skirting boards to avoid unwanted colour and get rolling. This is also where you can add coloured paint chips if that’s the look you’re going for. Most garage floor paints won’t require two coats.
  1. Time to topcoat
    After waiting 24 hours, it’s time to apply the topcoat. This is where you can add an anti-skid additive. After the topcoat dries completely – your new garage floor is ready for action!

Other easy ways to upgrade your garage

Once you’ve painted your garage floor, you may find yourself looking around at the rest of the garage with disenchantment. Your garage door, for example, might be outdated and damaged, greatly impacting the look and function of your space.

Installing a new garage door comes with its own set of benefits, and can be a great way to add instant value back to your home. From changing the garage door colour to installing an entirely new insulated door, the options are endless when it comes to upgrading your garage.

We can help with our range of residential garage doors that bring modernity and style back to your home. With extensive options for add-ons and designs, you will no longer need to feel lacklustre about your garage’s street appeal. Get in touch or browse our range today to find your inspiration.

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