Spring has sprung, so what better time is there to finally get your garage storage solutions sorted. We know how easy it is for the garage to become untidy and basically, just a large storeroom where you know it’s in there somewhere but not quite sure where exactly, and the thought of trying to find it just becomes too much. So, we thought there was no better time to share our simple tips and tricks on storage solutions and organising your garage.

Keep reading for our top 8 storage ideas to help you make the most of your space. You’ll actually be able to use the garage as a place to park your cars rather than as a dumping ground.

1. Make the most of vertical space with wall shelves.

Keeping everything on the ground is not practical when trying to move around in your garage or trying to find something, but it also looks messy and unorganised. Wall shelves are a great option to store your items away and off the ground in an organised manner. Use shelving units if hanging shelves isn’t an option within your space.


2. Install a fold-down workbench.

If you are someone who often uses their garage space to work on a project, a fold-down workbench could be an excellent option for you. A fold-down workbench will save you a lot of space when not in use. Plus, if you need to fold it away after each project, there is less chance of a messy station being left behind.

3. Organise items into zones.

Dividing your shelves into sections and assigning each section to a group of items like pet supplies, maintenance tools, sporting equipment etc., will simply make life easier. Keeping all your items grouped makes it easier to find things and promotes long-term organisation.

4. Storage containers with labels

This goes hand in hand with organising your items into zones. Containers with labels make everything easier. Labels and plastic tubs will project instant order. And they will protect your belongings from bug or moisture damage. Stacked vertically, they can take up very little floor space.


5. Place everyday items lower and seasonal items higher.

Sick of constantly stumbling across the Christmas decorations even in the middle of July? Placing your seasonal items up high and out of the way will create more space for your everyday items. Keeping your everyday items low and easily accessible will save you a lot of time and hassle.


6. Wall mounted racks

 Wall-mounted racks can be a great solution for tools, ladders, bikes, garden equipment, etc. Hanging these larger/bulkier items up off the floor and onto the walls will create space and organisation. Every item will have its own place, making it easy to find and access. 


7. Pegboards 

Pegboards are perfect for hanging and organising frequently used items in your garage. Attach hooks and pegs to a thick pegboard to display things like hand tools, hardware, and gardening tools. A pegboard storage system is both sturdy and easy to rearrange. You can use as many pegboards as you want to get the most function out of the wall space in your garage, especially if you don’t have a lot of room for shelves.


8. Overhead storage 

Don’t waste precious garage storage space by not utilising the ceiling. It’s the perfect place to store long flat items like ladders. You can also add hanging shelves to store camping gear or other seasonal items. This is a great way to keep things off the floor and out of the way. When hanging shelves from the ceiling, be sure the garage door has enough room to function correctly, and your cars will still fit inside the space.

Before we jump into buying shelves, containers, hooks, and labels, a few things need to be done first.

  1. Clean it out. This will take time to complete if your garage is like most homes! Set aside a day or weekend and get your garage properly decluttered. Go through every single item you have and sort it out into three piles: Keep, Donate/sell, or throw away. Once this is done, you will need to organise your Keep pile into categories such as sporting equipment, garden tools etc.


  1. Plan out your space: Before you buy anything or start to put anything back, it is important to plan out your area. Work out the best layout for your needs with the space you have. For example, if you need to park two cars in the garage, use the area around the cars and above (if available).


  1. Invest in suitable storage containers and shelves: The best way to keep your garage organised for good is to keep things off the floor. Install shelving units, storage bins, hooks, and overhead storage to keep your stuff safe and neat. But it is important to ensure it is of good quality (within your budget). 

Now you have the knowledge and tools to create a functional garage space – it’s time to lock in a weekend and get your Garage storage sorted.  

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