A man inspecting a garage doorWith the recent threat of the pandemic, more and more people have been forced to stay at home and adapt their living spaces to suit their lifestyles. Garages are notorious for being messy, disorganised and even unsafe, with the area not often being used for its greatest potential. However, a clean, well-organised, and insulated garage can add an extra living, working or storage space to the home that is both comfortable and practical.

One of the most popular uses for a garage, other than storing a car, is creating an at-home gym. Having a gym in your home makes working out easier than ever and gives a perfect purpose to your space. If you plan well and organise properly, you can even enjoy a parking space right next to your gym, using your garage to its fullest potential.

Building a gym in your garage has a few essential things to consider, including:

  1. Insulation

Insulating your garage is crucial to making it a comfortable place to work out and spend extended time in. Garages conduct heat just as intensely as they hold in the cold, and both extremes can make the space very uncomfortable to be in. Insulation isn’t just for the weather, but it can go a long way in keeping out the noises of the street and keeping garage noise out of the main house. Our insulated garage doors are made from high strength steel and manufactured to withstand even the harshest Australian conditions to add energy efficiency throughout your home while providing comfort to your gym.

  1. A Good Layout

Before you get too far into the purchasing and contracting stages of your renovation, it’s important to develop a good floor plan to ensure you can fit all the contraptions, storage and equipment you will need. Even more so if you’re planning on using your garage for a car as well as a gym.

  1. Proper Flooring

The choice for flooring is entirely personal and subjective to how you plan to use the space. Carpet, tile, laminate or even padded flooring can make the garage look and feel like a proper living space, and if you’re using it for a gym – add an important element of safety with non-slip and shock absorbent factors. An epoxy coating is anti-skip, resistant to oil stains and absorbs imperfections making them virtually invisible. An epoxy flooring can be completed as a DIY job and is perfect for a gym floor with mats for comfort.

  1. Temperature Control

Temperature control is undoubtedly a luxury but one that could change the game when it comes to working out. Australia often has extreme weather conditions. Our garage door clients in the southern states of Australia require a heating element when using their garage as a gym or living space. If you can afford a reverse cycle air conditioner for your space, you won’t regret it when the weather reaches its most intense temperatures.

  1. Storage

Storage is the most important thing when considering any garage renovation. Often the place where Christmas decorations, tools, bikes and seasonal equipment get shoved away, it can be easy for the garage space to become overwhelmed with stuff. However, when building a gym in your garage, you can still have free space and storage areas with innovative and strategic planning. Vertical storage is always a major space saver. It becomes even more critical to have a specific place to store weights and avoid accidental injury with weights and exercise equipment. Putting together an organisation plan is essential to ensuring you can get the most from your garage. Make the most of overhead space and storage features such as pegboards, hooks and wall hangers to make your garage as efficient as it can be. Read more about our cleaning and storage tips here.

  1. Equipment 
    When writing the shopping list for your gym, be careful not to over-plan or overspend. It can be kept simple with body weight-based exercises in your program and basic pieces of equipment tailored to many different workouts. You can build your inventory as time goes on and start simple to ensure you have the proper storage and layout to fit everything in with plenty of open space to perform the workouts.

Renovating a garage or shed may be easier and more affordable than you think. With Steel Line’s insulated garage doors and simple DIY additions such as epoxy flooring and storage shelves, your garage can provide your newest workout solution in no time. By considering the factors above and keeping organisation, simplicity and safety in mind – you will soon wonder how you ever lived without your at-home gym.


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