If you want to transform your house into a smart home, installing a Powermesh garage door opener is a great place to start your home automation journey. Not only is a Powermesh garage door controller a fast and easy way to operate your sectional, tilt, or roller door, but it also adds an extra level of convenience for your garage and helps improve energy efficiency.

This article looks at integrating your Powermesh garage door controller and how it will provide unparalleled convenience in your smart home.

Embrace technology with a Powermesh garage door controller

Automation using the very best wireless technology gives you the ability to control your garage door with your smartphone or with voice control via a smart home platform such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home Assistant. Whether you’re at home or away, you can choose who can access your garage — no keys or PINs necessary!

Easy installation and setup

The Powermesh garage controller sensors can be used to control one or two garage doors. They work with sectional, tilt, or roller garage doors. You don’t need to upgrade any garage door components because they will work with your existing garage door motor. 

Monitor movements

Because it can be operated with voice control, your car trips are more convenient now that you don’t have to dig around your car looking for your remote before you reach home. The great news is that the Powermesh garage door controller still allows you to use your normal remote for an extra level of convenience. With voice control, you also have the option to set an entrance code. 

Flight path technology 

The Powermesh garage door opener uses flight path technology, so you can open your garage door to different heights whenever you need to, from anywhere in the world. Open it halfway to allow the kids to put their push-bikes away after school, a third of the way to allow deliveries to be left inside, or open the door just a fraction to increase ventilation.

Integrating the garage door opener with your home hub

System connectivity is one of the most important aspects of a smart home. Because the Powermesh ensures compatibility with various devices, integrating your garage door controller into the rest of your smart home is a breeze. 

The Powermesh does more than just open and close your garage door. You can use the Zimi app to check the temperature and humidity in your garage, see when the garage door was opened or closed, and, if you add a Powermesh light switch in your garage, your lights will turn on and off automatically when you come home or leave.

Powermesh is a smart home experience like no other

Smart home automation is all about using technology to make life easier. Wouldn’t it be great if your home just knew what you wanted it to do and when? Well, by setting personalised commands with Google Routines, it does. For example, if you’re on the drive home, you can use voice control to tell Google Assistant you’re nearly there, and it will open your garage door and turn on the lights before you reach your destination.  

Connectivity with the Powermesh range of products means yours will be a truly smart home. From ceiling fan controllers to lights, power points, exhaust fans and blinds, Powermesh can take care of it all. Dim the lights, set them to turn on and off automatically, and monitor your energy use — all with Powermesh.

Integrating into the smart home with easy installation and setup

Forget multiple sensors and complicated set-up instructions. The Powermesh garage door controller delivers the ultimate in functionality while being easy to install and use. There are just three components — the door sensor, garage controller, and power plug pack — and six installation steps

  1. Insert the sensor battery.
  2. Position the door sensor.
  3. Connect the wiring.
  4. Mount the controller.
  5. Pair with the Zimi app.
  6. Connect to Zimi Cloud Connect to control the door when away from home or with voice control.

For more information, watch this short video which further explains just how simple the Powermesh garage door controller setup is.  

Use your voice and call Steel-Line today

Garage door control is as easy as can be with a Powermesh opener. Integrating the Powermesh into your smart home gives you complete control over who enters your garage and when using either the app on your phone or voice commands. This smart home feature offers convenience by letting you share the power to operate the garage door with everyone in the family.  

If you’re looking to install a smart garage door, the Powermesh Garage Controller Sensor and Zimi Cloud Connect bundle is available from Steel-Line Garage Doors now. Call us on 1300 767 900 for more information or see our website.

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