When you buy a garage door from Steel-Line, we can help you set up your garage door opener upon installation. However, if your garage door remote is broken or becomes lost, and you need a replacement, follow this guide to get your garage door working optimally again. We’ll also take you through new garage door opener technologies, including app integration for personalised access.

What you need to program your garage door opener

  • Read the manufacturer guidelines for programming instructions specific to the make and model of your garage door opener. Don’t have the manufacturer’s instructions? Never fear, we’ll take you through the method here.
  • Gather your tools. The tools you require will depend on the type of automatic opener you have. You’ll need each remote or transmitter that you are trying to program (or a wireless keypad if installing one of those), the garage door opener app if you’re using one, and a stepladder to locate and access the QR code or programming button for the unit.

What you need to program your garage door opener

Follow these steps to add a new transmitter to open and close your garage door automatically. These instructions can also be used to program a wireless keypad, which works in the same way as a remote control.

1. Check the brand of opener and remote control are the same

Transmitters (the remote control) and receivers (the unit) operate at a specific frequency depending on the brand. You should always ensure that the remote control is the same brand as your opener; otherwise, the frequencies may be different, and it may not work correctly. Also, check if your remote control has new batteries for optimal performance.

2. Find the programming button on your garage door opener unit

To program a new garage door remote control opener or transmitter, first remove the cover on the door opener unit to access the control panel. You’ll need to locate the programming button on your automatic opener to enter different modes that will allow you to add new devices or clear existing codes.

3. Does your garage door opener need to be reset?

You may need to reset your opener to clear the existing settings and enter new access codes. You might have to hold down buttons or use a paper clip inserted into a small hole to reset the unit. However, this step isn’t always required to add a new remote control, so refer to your instruction manual first.

4. Navigating the differences between makes and models

Some models, such as the Merlin, have a ‘learn’ button on the unit. Locate this button and press once to place the unit in ‘learning’ mode. Then, you simply need to press and release the required button on the transmitter. LEDs on the unit will then turn off, indicating that the transmitter has been memorised.

For the Steel-Line SD series of remote controls, you’ll need to press the ‘P’ and ‘+’ until ‘LED 7’ flashes. Press ‘+’, then press and release the required button on your remote control twice. Press ‘P’ again to save.

On Marantec models, press the ‘code’ button once until the LED dot starts to flash. Press and release the required remote button. The LED light will switch off, and you should press the same button on your transmitter to save the setting.

The Boss brand of openers has a ‘Radio Set’ button to program your remote control. Hold it briefly before pressing the required button on your transmitter to code it.

To program a wireless keypad, press the learn button until the lights on your receiver flash. You can then enter a code on the keypad and press enter. You should notice the lights on your receiver flash again to signal that your code has been set.

For more information on programming garage door openers and adding transmitters, refer to our helpful videos for garage door openers here.


How to pair your garage door opener with a smartphone

Some brands of receivers can be paired with a smartphone to do away with the need for a dedicated remote. This means you can open and close your garage door, set it to open and close at certain times and receive alerts when it’s been left open — all from your mobile phone.

  1. Install the app on your smartphone and create an account. Use strong passwords to ensure your security.
  2. Use the app settings to connect your smartphone to the same Wi-Fi network as your garage door receiver.
  3. Add your device (the garage door unit or receiver) using the instructions within the app.
  4. Name your garage door and test if it works correctly. Refer to the app instructions to troubleshoot any problems.
  5. You should then be able to share access with family members, who can use the same app to control the garage door.
  6. Remember to regularly update your app.

Remote garage door operation at your fingertips

Although we’ve been delivering garage door solutions to Australians for more than four decades, we pride ourselves on offering products with the latest technology for safe, stylish and trouble-free garage door operation. Whether you use garage door remotes, an app on your smartphone or a wireless keypad, Steel-Line has a huge range of openers and accessories for garage doors to give you a comprehensive home automation system.

With advanced features such as voice control for the ultimate convenience, our range of garage door openers and accessories is second to none. So, if you’re looking for professional advice on setting up or upgrading your home garage system, contact Steel-Line Garage Doors today.

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