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Bold, beautiful and truly inspiring, Steel-Line’s innovative range of DecoWood® sectional garage doors combines the look and feel of genuine timber with the strength of steel.

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A different DecoWood® range is offered in Western Australia.

DecoWood® Garage Doors

Our inspiring selection of DecoWood® garage doors is a popular choice for homeowners wanting to find a balance between function and style for their house.

These innovative doors give you the charming aesthetic of timber, yet they also provide the durability of steel. This means you can enjoy having a superbly attractive garage exterior without the high costs and maintenance commitment of real timber doors.

Click on one of the images on this page to get an up-close look at how stunning a DecoWood® garage door could look as part of your home. Alternatively, visit our gallery to view the wide variety of available options.

All the Charm of Timber

Plenty of timber-imitation doors claim to be “the next best thing”, but DecoWood® sectional garage doors are the closest you can get to the appearance of genuine timber. Even when standing right in front of these doors, you’ll find it hard to believe they’re actually made of steel.

The reason DecoWood® doors are so convincing is the unique process we use to manufacture them. This involves creating a 3D finish that looks impossibly natural. And because these beautiful garage doors aren’t made of wood, you won’t need to worry about any problems that can sometimes affect timber: warping, shrinking, splitting, rotting and termites.

With the Reinforced Strength of Steel

The final element that completes the illusion is our durable marine-grade powder-coated steel for our DecoWood® doors. We understand customers want doors that will look great for many years to come, which is why we exclusively use the best materials available (including BlueScope Steel).

Though the DecoWood® concept was created by the Italian company Decoral, the doors we sell are made here in Australia to meet our high manufacturing standards. We understand how extreme Australian weather can be, so we strive to make every garage door as tough and reliable as possible.

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Door Profiles

Flatline garage door

Flatline (SF* or TF)

slimline garage door

Slimline (SF* or TF)

Glacier (SF* or TF)

Ranch garage door

Ranch #(TF)

Heritage garage door

Heritage #(TF)



garage door woodgrain

woodgrain finish

smooth finish garage door

smooth finish


TF: Textured finish. SF: Smooth finish. #: Windows can only be fitted to Ranch or Heritage designs in standard Colorbond® colours.
* : Smooth finish is available in the Savannah range at premium pricing.

Stunning Range of Colours

Our DecoWood® doors come in a variety of sensational colours. The nine available shades have been chosen to match a selection of hues found in various timbers. With colours ranging from the light American Oak to the dark Wenge, there is sure to be a timber hue to perfectly complement your home’s exterior.

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