Smarten up your home. I mean – aren’t you getting tired of getting out of the car every time you want to open the garage? What about adding an extra layer of safety to your home? It may be time to install an automatic garage door opener!

The good news is that most manual garage doors can be turned into automatic doors. Steel-Line has a wide range of electric garage door openers to choose from.

3 Steps to transform your manual garage door into an automatic:

Step 1 – Check your existing door

The first thing you need to consider is what type of garage door you have. Sectional doors will require a different type of opener than a roller door, so you’ll want a model that suits you.

Before installing or replacing a garage door opener, check that your current garage door is in good working condition. Be sure to check the following:

  • The garage door moves smoothly within the tracks.
  • The door is balanced.
  • The door doesn’t get caught or stick anywhere.
  • The balance springs aren’t broken, worn or improperly adjusted.
  • There aren’t broken, obstructed, or improperly tensioned cables.

Any of these problems will need to be fixed before installing a door opener. You can call out a professional to check your door for any issues. Anything involving springs or cables aren’t DIY jobs and should be left to professionals.

custom garage door in wood with windows

Step 2 – Buy the Garage Door Opener Best For You

Like most accessories, garage door openers come in all different shapes and sizes. Whether you have a sectional or roller door, there are plenty of options to suit you.

You also have a wide range of features to choose from. This includes the Powermesh Garage Controller which takes convenience to the next level.


Step 3 – Installation

All quality brands of garage door openers come with detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to set up the opener motor, the drive system components, and the controls. The manual will also explain how to make electric connections and program your new door opener. Having a second person to help will make things a lot easier and is highly recommended. As DIY projects go, installing a door opener requires a little experience and general know-how.

Not sure about installing the door yourself? Not a problem. Steel-Line is happy to help and can install garage door openers in SydneyMelbourneBrisbaneAdelaide, and many other locations across Australia!

Advantages of an Automatic Garage Door


There are so many advantages to not having to leave the car to open your garage door. No more getting drenched on rainy days. One less hassle after a long day at work. An automatic door opener is also a gamechanger for anyone suffering from mobility issues, who might find a manual door difficult to open.

Nowadays, you can even open with smartphone apps, making automatic doors easier to use than ever. Once you start using your automatic door, you’ll wonder how you managed without it.


The purpose of a garage door is not only to grant access but to provide security, for your home. Garage doors are a common entry point for burglars and, unfortunately, manual doors can be forced open. Automated doors are not only difficult to open, but they can also include a range of extra features to keep your family, pets, and belongings safe. Extra features include:

  • encrypted wireless technology to stop hackers,
  • photo-eye protection,
  • in-built safety timer that will shut the door automatically after a certain time,
  • keyring remotes, and
  • emergency key release.

With the wide range of customisations available, Steel-Line has the right door to meet your needs.

garage door handset

Fantastic Features

Automatic doors don’t just save you the hassle of getting out of the car. There are a wide range of great features to choose from including:

Remote handset and courtesy light: No need to stumble around in the dark. A courtesy light automatically switches on to help you get to your car.

Door-stop programming: This allows you to leave the door open at any height. Great for airing out the garage, accepting parcels, or allowing pets in and out of the home.

Auto-reverse system: A great safety feature that helps avoid collisions and damage to your door. If the door comes into contact with anything that shouldn’t be there, it’ll immediately roll back up.

Quiet operation: Coming home late and worried about waking up the neighbourhood? Steel-Line’s door openers operate quietly. No more having to park on the street to keep peace with the neighbours.


Looking to turn your manual door into an automatic? We’re here to help! Our friendly team can guide you every step of the way from advice on the right door opener to installation. Call us on 1300 767 900 or contact us here.

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