In many cases, homeowners do not properly utilize the full organizational and storage capacity in their garage.  By employing a few simple strategies, you can free up space, create a workable and organized storage area and improve your garage’s overall appeal and function.

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The garage often becomes a dumping ground all for unwanted things in the house.  Do you really need to keep those old bikes, fishing rods, tyres and buckets?  A quick sort and dump every year is not only good for the soul, it’s great for maximizing your space.


Sort It!

Stuff everywhere?  You know you have the right sized screwdriver somewhere, but where is the damn thing.  Don’t underestimate the satisfaction you’ll receive from a well organised garage space.  Not only you will be able to choose the right items at the right time without having to grope around for it, you’ll also impress your friends and family.  Just because they don’t say anything, it doesn’t mean they’re not judging you!



With a bit of thought and planning, think what you need access to and how often you’ll need it.  Is it a once a year or weekly bit of kit?  Streamline – one shelf car detailing, one shelf pet supplies, one shelf gardening, three shelves tools.   Your surfboard wall racks, your bike area, your workbench.  It’s like Minecraft for adults.


Divert Attention

Hide the ugly stuff.  Soiled boots and coats, old paint tins, oily rags.  Get them on racks, behind doors, in plastic storage containers.   Did Picasso leave his dirty overalls in his gallery? This is your domain, your work of art, your pride and joy. Give it some love.


Go Vertical

Quite often the garage becomes messy and unorganized because of a lack of storage space. Consider vertical rather than horizontal storage. Take a quick trip to Bunnings –  cabinets with sliding metal storage bins, slatwall storage systems – these can be inexpensive and make a world of difference.


Jazz It Up

Who wrote that garages need to look dull and drab?  A new coat of paint, new flooring, lighting, that cool stuff that your partner won’t let you put on the walls in your home – your favorite Jimi Hendrix poster, Fosters beer sign or that imitation samurai sword you picked up on your travels for example.


Double Duty

The back wall of the garage often goes unused and is a great place to hang skis, surfboards, fishing rods, power tools – with some planning and attention to balance, color and symmetry, you’ll get your creative juices flowing and create your very own mural for years of viewing pleasure.


Light It Right!

Garages should be as bright as possible so a small investment in the right lighting system, giving an even distribution of light, may pay off in spades. Many quality garages also have chandeliers which add beauty and sophistication to the whole place. Chandelier not your thing?  Try a disco ball or strobe light!


Look Up

When space is a constraint it makes better sense to try and make use of ceiling as best as possible. You could use strong hooks on the ceiling to hand bicycles, cruisers and also kayaks if you are fishing and boating enthusiast. Get your mates over and feel the satisfaction as they look up quietly and nod their approval.

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