When there is no obvious cause for your garage door opener malfunctioning, you should look at the main components one by one in order to solve the problem.

  • Does the remote work? If it doesn’t, the first port of call is to check the batteries. Nine times out of ten, it will be because they are flat.
  • Does the wall switch work? Make sure the power is working, the fuse is operating and the unit is plugged in. Some units run on batteries, so if yours does, check those as well.
  • Are the sensors blocked? If the door fails to operate or stops during operation, check that the sensors are clean, correctly aligned and have nothing blocking their path.
  • Are the limit switches working? If the door doesn’t close or open all the way, adjust the limit switches, which are normally on the back of the opener unit.
  • Does the close-force control need adjustment? If the door reverses before hitting the ground, increase the force by adjusting the close-force control, also usually found on the back of the opener.
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