Your garage door is one of the most tried and tested facilities in your home. The average family will use their garage door 3-5 times a day, equating to nearly 2000 times per year. People rely on their garage door to be in working order to keep them running on time, getting the car out with the click of a button. If your garage door is malfunctioning, broken or faulty – it can cause logistical issues, damage, and severely impact your routine. This is where the importance of garage door maintenance comes in.

With the garage door being such a common part of your day-to-day life, it can be easy to overlook its maintenance or assume it doesn’t need any attention. A once a year service is optimal to have a professional look over all systems and functions within your door, and you’ll be thankful when your service technician picks up on potential issues or helps to avoid the need for costly emergency repairs.

If you’re looking to be a proactive garage door owner and want to know what to look or listen for, we have some handy tips to help keep your garage door in good repair.

  1. Maintain Lubrication

Various components require regular lubrication to keep them operating smoothly and to reduce stress on the moving parts. These include the hinges, stems, and nubs, the armbar, the top of the chain rail, the door lock, and any metal rollers with ball bearings. Rather than using household oil, you should use a silicone or lithium spray lubricant. If any of the components are stuck or stiff, use some WD-40 to get things moving again.

  1. Keep the Track Clean

A garage door track should never be lubricated, as this will cause particles to collect and harden in the track. Instead, simply wipe the inside of the track with a damp cloth and allow it to dry. Ensure to inspect both inside and outside the garage for debris or rust, and check the tracks are even and straight by using a leveler.

  1. Realign the Sensors

This is relatively easy to do. If the sensor’s lights are blinking, indicating they are out of alignment, simply move them gently until they are facing one another, and the blinking gives way to a solid light.

  1. Check the Rollers

The rollers along the sides of the garage door are essential to smooth and safe operation and need to be checked to ensure they aren’t cracked, chipped, or worn. Garage door rollers need to be replaced every 10-20 years. Of course that depends how much you use your garage door.

  1. Look Over the Cables and Pulleys

The lift cables and pulleys are attached to the roller brackets on the base of the door, and they provide a connection to lift and lower the door. The springs and pulleys are essential to maintain safety and function, and shouldn’t be worked on by a nonprofessional. If you notice any signs of wear or damage, call a technician in as soon as possible.

  1. Ensure the Auto-Reverse is Functional

All automatic garage doors will have an auto-reverse feature to stop the door from closing on people, pets, or inanimate objects. This feature will sense whatever is in the way and force the door to open completely to avoid damage or injury. If this function is damaged or faulty, it can destroy with the heaviness of the door. The best way to test the auto-reverse function of your door is to place an object such as a board of wood flat on the ground. When the door closes onto the board, it should bounce back completely and open. To test the sensors on either side of the door, wave something over them and the door should stop in its tracks or open completely. If your door is older and lacking this function, consult your garage door technician immediately for an installation. Otherwise, if you notice the functionality isn’t operating as it should, contact us to have a look and prevent disaster.

Garage door maintenance is an essential aspect of homeownership. If you have renters, work with the real estate to include this into their maintenance routine. We discuss the necessities of garage door maintenance, including an important general maintenance checklist, along with when and how often you should check your garage door, on our blog which can be found through this link.

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