The garage door opener is that relatively small, motorized box-like object that hangs above the door. When you hit the button on the remote control unit, it sends a signal to the opener that causes the door to go up or down.

Most garage door openers are chain drive or belt drive. But they all have one thing in common — if they do not function properly, it will be difficult, if not impossible, to operate your door.

Like all mechanical devices, a garage door opener will not last forever. Even a high-quality, carefully maintained model will wear out over time.

As the opener ages, you will probably notice the telltale signs like erratic performance, unusual noises and in a worst-case scenario, the inability to open or close the door. There are several valid reasons to replace a garage door opener, such as increasing safety, taking advantage of the latest technology and experiencing a smoother, quieter operation.


Your family’s safety is the most crucial reason to consider replacing an ageing or malfunctioning garage door opener. If the opener isn’t working correctly, there’s a risk that the door could lower inadvertently, which could injure family members or pets. The latest openers include built-in safety features such as an auto-reverse mechanism that stops the door from closing and causes it to raise if it senses an object in its path. You might not have this vital safety benefit if you have an older opener.


Today’s garage door openers include a host of technological innovations that simplify operation, as well as improve safety. One example is the availability of a downloadable app that allows you to monitor the door and control its functions via your mobile device. You can even receive text or email alerts whenever a potential issue arises.


Garage door openers usually get louder with age. Besides being annoying, noisy openers can exhibit mechanical issues that prevent proper garage door operation. A new opener will run quieter, which will keep you from cringing every time you raise or lower the door!

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