Are you thinking about renovating your property to add value for sale?  Or are you wanting to renovate the family home to make it more comfortable? On the surface, home renovations are all exciting ideas and hopes. However, there are many things that need to be considered when it comes to house renovation, such as the style you want to achieve, the cost (your renovation loan and the government renovation grant), the renovation builder and the best return of value.

As a garage door dominates about 30% of the front facade of most homes, many homeowners chose to replace or repaint their garage doors. It’s a fact that a stylish garage door can improve a potential buyer’s first impression and boost a home’s resale value.

When your garage door is showing its age, it can drag down the appearance of the whole property. The good news is, you can enhance the look of the door with a quick coat of paint or simply replace it.


Five things to know before starting to paint your roller doors


  1. Preparation is key

painting garage door

Before you start, there are some essential preparation steps to follow to get the door ready, starting with a good cleaning.


  • Grab yourself a cloth or a small brush and remove any dust on the garage door.
  • Give the door a thorough clean with an all-purpose cleaner to remove dirt and grime.
  • Rinse the door with clean water.

Once the door is clean, cover the handles and any trimmings with painter’s tape.


  1. Remove old paint and/or rust

For the best results, remove any existing paint or rust from your garage door. You can either sand the paint off by hand or use a sanding tool to speed up the removal. When you’re removing the paint, you can move the door up and down to make it easy to reach every spot.


  1. Your safety is important

When preparing and painting garage roller doors, your safety should be a big consideration. Wear a dust mask and some goggles to protect yourself while you sand, prime and paint. Make sure any ladders are sturdy before you climb onto them, especially while using sanders and other power tools.


  1. Product choice is important

To ensure a good paint job, you’ll need to choose the right primer and paint products for the material of your garage door. In most cases, a latex outdoor primer will be suitable but check with the paint retailer before purchasing. Semi-gloss paint is the best option for painting garage doors, as it’s quite low-maintenance. Using a paint sprayer ensures a more even finish without leaving brush marks.


  1. Paint in the right conditions

When it comes to repainting garage doors, the weather should be just right. Whether that is too hot or too cold can affect the paint job, so try to paint on a day that is warm and dry. Too hot and the door may expand, making it hard for the paint to adhere properly to the surface. The second coat of paint may be needed for even coverage, but be sure to allow time for the first coat to dry first.


Although you can paint your garage door by yourself, it doesn’t mean it is the best option for you, if you don’t have the time or confidence to achieve the desired result. Many people chose to get a new garage door instead of repainting the old one these days because a new garage door is safer than the used one and it comes with more useful features. If you are thinking about buying a new garage door, please contact Steel-Line for all of your garage door needs. Call us on 1300 767 900 today or request a free quote using the form below!

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