Your garage ceiling is a gold mine of storage opportunities. Using ceiling space is a great way to organise your storage and create more room. Whether you’re looking for easy-to-install solutions for everyday recreational gear (like bikes, kyacks or surfboards), or heavy-duty storage ideas for large items and boxes, this comprehensive list will show you 22 ways you can use your garage ceiling for storage.

Ceiling Storage Ideas for Bikes

Fixed Bike Hooks

Similar to wall-mounted hooks, fixed bike hooks are a simple and affordable way to quickly add additional bike storage to your ceiling. These screw into the ceiling so you can hang your bike up and take it down as needed. The downside of this option is that they aren’t moveable for different-sized bikes. 

Gliding Bike Hooks

Using a gliding bike hook system allows you to hook your bike up while easily changing the placement of the hooks in your garage ceiling. This customizable option is ideal if you have a variety of bikes, as it is versatile and the hooks can move to match whatever bike you need to hang. If you’ve got a growing family, this storage rack will grow with you as your kids’ bike sizes change over time too. 

Bike Hoist – Verticle

Bike hoists use a pulley system and ropes to store your bike overhead. This is useful, particularly if you are physically limited as to what you can lift over your head. Ensure you choose one with a locking system to avoid accidental release. Hoists have the added benefit of not taking up much room when not in use. 

Bike Hoist – Horizontal

Some bike hoists are designed to be used horizontally.  This is the optimum space-saving storage option if you don’t have a lot of vertical space above your car. 

Flat Bike Lift

A flat bike lift is another way to store your bike horizontally in your garage ceiling. Most lifts use a hydraulic arm to fold the lift down to hook up the bike.  Once attached, the bike folds away into the garage ceiling. 

Ceiling Storage Ideas for Heavy Items

Sliding tub storage

Containers are a great way to store everything from heavy items to lots of little items (like Christmas decorations). Additionally, you can get airtight tubs to protect the items you are storing.  Depending on how heavy the items are, ensure you check the weight rating of the system you choose, with options varying depending on the product.

Mounted shelving systems

Garage ceiling shelves and racking are extremely versatile and usually the strongest heavy-duty storage solution.  You can store your boxes and items on top, and hang hooks from them below to make the most of your space-saving solution.

Hoisted shelving systems

Hoists are one of the safest ceiling storage options for heavy items (so long as you choose a hoist with the right weight rating and locking system). This is because you can bring them down to your height to access them, rather than lifting heavy items up onto shelves or racks. Hoists can come as manual pulley options, or as electric systems that lift and lower for you.

Ceiling Storage Ideas for Tools

Tool hooks

Though most tools are traditionally wall-mounted, you can create extra storage space by using fixed hooks from the ceiling. Your long-handled garden tools are especially easy to hang from ceiling hooks. 

Hooks on racking

Adding hooks to overhead shelves and racking is an excellent way to make the most of your storage solution.  

Fold-down tool shelf

Installing a ‘hidden compartment’ is an easy way to get your tools stored out of the way.  Fold the shelf down when you’re working, and fold it back up when you’re finished and want to get the tools out of the way. 

Tool rack storage

Long tools, wood and pipes can all be kept off the ground and stored at ceiling height with these rack hooks. You can even add your ladder or long-handled garden tools like a shovel or rake to it. 

Tool storage hoists

Some hoists are made specifically to get your working tools off the ground.  If your garage doubles as the garden shed, this can be a great way to get your garden tools up off the floor and out of the way.

Individual Item Hoists

If you have larger tools and working gear, an option is to get a hoist specific to that item.  For example, you can get a hoist for a wheelbarrow, lawn mower or even a vacuum machine.

Ceiling Storage Ideas for Recreation Goods

Padded ceiling racks

Padded ceiling racks are the best way to safely store a surfboard, paddle board, kyack or canoe. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit whatever equipment you are storing, and are padded to ensure your gear doesn’t get damaged.  This storage option is usually chosen over hoists for people who use their sports equipment regularly for easy access.

Equipment Hoists

Hoist storage options can come in a wide range of sizes and styles to suit all your recreational gear. Whether you’re looking for kiteboard storage, surfboard storage, or even looking to hoist up a canoe, this can be a great way to maximise your garage ceiling storage, while saving your back with minimal lifting involved. 

Fishing Rod Rack

If fishing is your passion, you’ll be glad to know there are ceiling storage options designed specifically to keep your fishing rods safe and out of the way in your garage ceiling.

Straps and hooks

Using fixed hooks and straps is another space-saving option to get your recreational equipment off the ground. Make sure you use purpose-designed hooks and straps that are heavy-duty to make sure your gear is safe.

Ceiling clothes drying hoist

Garages often double as laundry spaces, or an area to put the clothes horse in rainy weather. Ceiling storage clothes dryers are a great alternative to free up the clutter and floor space those items take up.  These hoist versions of drying racks are ideal options, as you can bring the rack down to working level, and lift it up once the clothes are hanging on it. 

Electric Clothes Drying rack

Electric clothes drying racks can automatically move the clothesline up and down, and also heat the clothes to dry them faster. The retractable feature makes it a slimline, easy storage option for your garage laundry needs.

Retractable drying rack

If you have a small garage, you can use a retractable clothes drying rack across the ceiling space, with wall-mounted attachments on either side. This is a great versatile option, as it can be used when needed and retracted to almost nothing when it’s not.

Fold down clothesline

While not technically attached to the ceiling, an extendable wall-mounted clothesline can help you use your ceiling space instead of the floor space for your clothes drying and storage needs. The clothes airers and clothes horses you used to have to store against walls and behind doors are no longer needed with space-saving options like these.

Installation Tips for Ceiling Storage in Garages

Installation of your garage ceiling storage is crucial to get right, to protect your belongings and yourself.  If not installed correctly, you’ll be at risk of things falling and breaking.

Get professional help

More often than not, it’s easier to get a handyman out to install your ceiling storage solutions.  Not only is it less effort, but unless you’re a savvy DIY-er and have a range of power tools, experience and know-how, installing your garage storage solo may not be wise.  If you feel like you might be out of your depth, get a handyman or builder out to do the installation.

Ensure your safety

If you decide to DIY the installation, be careful and safety conscious. If you’re working on a ladder, make sure you’ve got someone there to hold it and to help with passing tools and lifting parts of the storage system.

Check the height and weight ratings

The most important part of your garage ceiling storage installation is making sure you’re installing the right storage solution.  Make sure you check that the weight rating matches what you are planning on storing and that you follow the correct installation process and materials.

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