Has your old garage door seen better days? Are you renovating your home with hopes of reselling? Or maybe you just want to spruce up your home’s exterior. Upgrading your garage door can be a quick, relatively affordable way to jazz up your home. With a wide range of styles available, you’re sure to find the perfect garage door for your house and lifestyle.


Things to consider when choosing the best door

To choose the right garage door for your home, there are a few things you’ll need to weigh up before settling on a design.

  • Be strategic with your colour scheme

We’ve all seen a design, be it a house design or even just someone’s outfit, where we look at it and the colours just clash. Obviously, you don’t want this effect for your new garage door, so what are some of the best ways to avoid it?

A simple option is to choose a colour for your door that matches a prominent colour on your house. This could be the colour of your roof, window trim, front door or even the walls themselves.

  • Consider the rest of your home

Like a lot of home design projects, it’s about both the little details and the big picture. Even if you want a garage door that stands out, you want it to do so in a way that compliments the rest of your house. For example, there’s nothing wrong with a sleek, modern looking garage door, but it might look odd on an otherwise traditional home design. When in doubt, simplicity usually trumps overly complicated design choices.

Your garage door plays a major role in your home’s façade, due to how much space of your house’s exterior it takes up. Curb appeal can play an important role in how you feel about your home as well as the first impression of other people.

  • Functionality

The most beautiful garage door in the world isn’t going to be much good if it doesn’t work on a practical level. Your garage door is something you’ll be using daily, so you’ll want a design that best suits you. Garage doors come in a wide variety of styles, and there’s also the option to custom design a door.

  • Features

If you’re upgrading your door, there’s no better time to consider if you might want to add some extra accessories. Whether it be additional saftey features or making your door opener operable through an app or voice recognition, there are a wide range of accessories you can install that will take your garage door to the next level.

Types of Garage Doors

When choosing your garage door, it’s important to know what type of garage door you’re after. When it comes to functionality, the majority of garage doors will fit into one of the below categories

Roller Door in Colorbond Monument
Roller Door: The most basic design, a roller door is made of a continuous curtain of material that rolls up when opened
Face Fixed Aluminium Composite Panel in Metallic Silver
Sectional Door: Sometimes called a panel door, this design is made of rigid, hinged panels, that follow a track along the garage ceiling when opening.
Tilt Door with Ply Base and Cedar Face Fix
Tilt Door: Less common than the above, a tilt door is made of a single, solid panel that opens by tilting until it rests of the garage door ceiling. Perfect for a space with minimal headroom.

Timber Garage Doors

On the right home, a Timber Garage Door provides a natural, warm look. We find by far the most popular choice of timber is the Western Red Cedar, due to it being the perfect balance between lightweight and durable. It’s also stylistically very versatile, working with both new and old home designs. In terms of colours, a few we highly recommend include:

    • Dark Oak, Light Oak, Pine, Teak and Walnut

These doors are usually custom-designed, so you’ll have the chance to talk with an expert about what suits your home, as well as have a door perfectly designed for your situation. You’ll know that your garage door is truly unique and one of a kind.

A wooden garage door on a two storey home

Full View Garage

Full view garage doors (aka Aluminium frame garage doors) feature material that is transparent. Not only does it have a stylish, modern look, the transparent material allows natural light into your garage. The most common material used for this design of door is acrylic. For anyone worried about a lack of privacy; you have a few options, such as frosted windows. Remember, when creating a custom-made door, you can choose exactly how much of it you wish to feature transparent material.

Acrylic is a transparent plastic material that is often used as an alternative to glass in a variety of products, including garage doors. Having transparent sections to your garage door creates a distinct look and will help it stand out in your neighbourhood.

Advantages of acrylic over glass

  • More lightweight
    Making your door easier to install and operate
  • Reduce or eliminate glare
    The downside of any glass product is the glare it can produce, eliminate this with acrylic
  • Provide better insulation
    Insulation helps maintain a comfortable temperature
  • More impact residence
    Acrylic has 250 times the impact residence of glass

Flush Mount Garage Door

A very stylish look where the door seamlessly blends into its surrounds creating a sleek, yet warm look. By using the same materials as the rest of your house for your cladding, you can create a garage door that has character yet fits right in. Just some of the materials you can use include timber, composite timbers, aluminium, acrylic, providing a great way to have bold, striking design that doesn’t overwhelm the rest of your home.

Available in both tilt and sectional door designs, a flush mount garage door can make for a bold, stylish addition to your home.

Louvre Garage Doors

A great design for a sectional door, a louvre door has the benefit of being both stylish and practical. A great distinctive look that allows 22% ventilation, perfect for making the most of natural airflow. It’s also great for allowing natural light into your garage while avoiding harsher sunlight and maintaining privacy.

The above design choices are just a few of the options available to you for your new garage door. Steel-Line are the garage door experts and are happy to help you with everything from inquiries, to choosing your door and even installing it. Steel-Line has branches across Australia including SydneyMelbourneBrisbaneAdelaide, and many other locations.


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