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Wouldn’t you love to roll up to your garage on a rainy day and open the door at the click of a button? Whether you think it’s time to replace the door opener you already have, or want to install an automatic door but don’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place. 

Here’s everything you need to know about buying a garage door opener. The great news is that most manual doors can be made automatic. Odds are you can just buy the door opener, no new door necessary! Your days of pushing that garage door up by yourself could be over. 

What to consider when choosing a garage opener

There are a few things to consider before buying your new garage door opener. The first thing is that different openers are made for different types of garage doors.  Whether you have a roller door or sectional door, Steel-Line has you covered with a range of Garage Door Openers to suit your needs. All Steel-Line garage door openers are designed with safety, convenience, and quality in mind. 

Garage doors have come a long way over the years, and come with a range of features and accessories. Which features you choose will come down to personal taste and what works for your lifestyle. If you need some help creating the perfect setup, one of our friendly team members is happy to guide you through the process. 


Depending on the size of your door, you may need a stronger garage door opener. You can use a higher horsepower motor on a smaller door without any issues, but it’ll cost you more without any real benefit. Keep in mind the following motor strengths for an ideal match:

1/3 – Suitable for lighter doors such as aluminium and steel.

½ – Stronger than 1/3. More power means it won’t wear as quickly as a smaller motor, making this the most popular horsepower of the three.

3/4 – For heavier doors, such as those made of wood, one-piece door, or those larger than normal. If you’ve got a stately garage door as a key feature of the house, this might be for you.

For more details, have a look at our post How Much Horsepower Does Your Garage Door Need? 

Smart Technology

We’ve all lost the remote at some time in our life and always when we’re in a rush. The advantage of the Powermesh garage door controller is it allows you to control your garage door through voice activation! This makes the Powermesh a simple and affordable home automated solution that can open or close your garage door with hands-free convenience, with Google Assist.


The price of your new door opener will depend on how sophisticated your model is, plus the features included. The base price of roller door openers is somewhere between $260-$450, whereas openers for a sectional garage door may cost between $295-$500. Installation costs also vary depending on job difficulty, location, the model being installed, and whether extra work needs to be done. If you’re installing a new door along with the opener, this will add to the price.

powermesh garage door controller


The most important thing to look for when selecting a garage door opener is the RCM logo. This indicates the product meets Australian safety standards. With this logo and Steel-Line’s quality assurance, you can relax knowing that with proper care and maintenance, your door opener will serve your family reliably for years.


The humble garage door has come a long way over the years. Here are some of the accessories that can be part of your garage door opener:

  • Photo Electric Beams – Helps detect an obstruction while the door is closing. A signal is then sent to the opener to reverse or stop the door movement. This feature is perfect for protecting your loved ones and your car from contact.
  • Wireless Key Pad – 
  • Emergency Key Release – One of those things you hope you won’t need, but will be glad it’s there when you do!
  • The Emergency Key Release – allows you to open the garage door in case of power outages or malfunctions.
  • Electronic Key Switch – An alternate means to opening your garage, and great for those times you can’t find your remote.


A garage door is a feature of most homes we take for granted until it suddenly doesn’t work. Regular maintenance and upkeep are the best ways to keep your door opener running at its best and increase its lifespan. While there is some troubleshooting you can do yourself, it’s best to have a professional check your garage door from time to time. Having a professional from Steel-Line check your door at least once a year provides the same purpose as a car service. It makes sure your garage door is running well and catches any problems early.

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Can I install a garage door opener myself?

If you’re patient, handy and have experience in DIY, you should be able to install a garage door opener yourself. This is one of those projects where you’ll want to follow the included step-by-step instructions to the letter to make sure your door is functional and safe. We’d also recommend having a friend with you to help. 

Sectional door openers tend to be a little more difficult to install than roller door openers, so keep this in mind if you’re thinking of installing the opener yourself. For either project, we’d recommend at least an immediate DIY skill level. This might be a little tricky for someone’s first DIY project.

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