The garage door is the biggest door in your house and it’s probably one of the main features of your exterior. For some homes, the garage door can occupy nearly half of the house’s facade.

Replacing your garage door is an easy way to update the look of your home or refresh your exterior after renovating your interior space. A great garage door can boost your kerb appeal and add value to your greatest possession – your home.

So, if you’re ready for your home to look its best, let’s crack open the door on the top garage door trends this year.

Garage Door Style Trends


From sectional doors and smart technology to bold colours and modern materials, it’s easy to update the aesthetic appeal of your entire home with garage door trends to suit your style and budget. Here at the top garage door trends.

Aluminium framing and opal Acrylic inserts.⁣

1. Custom designs

Custom garage doors are becoming an increasingly popular choice as homeowners add value to their homes by injecting some of their own personality into their garage door design.

Custom garage doors also allow you to choose bold modern colours and from a range of innovative materials for better weather resistance, lower heat transmission and improved noise barriers.

house with a flush mount tilt garage door

2. Flush Mount Doors

Flush mount garage doors can blend in your facade with the cladding of your choice to create a seamless appearance to the front of your home. A Flush finish means the surface of the garage door and the external wall surrounding it are on the same plane.

The flush mount garage doors can be clad with the building’s exterior materials, including timbers, composite timbers, metal, aluminium composite panel, acrylic, to name a few. The integrated cladding materials make the door appear to be part of the building’s wall system, or make a statement with your personal moving work of art. You will only notice it when the door is open. They are perfect for an architecturally designed buildings giving the exterior cladding a continuous look and essentially making the door invisible.

house with a flush mount tilt garage door

3. Hamptons style

Hamptons style garage doors are one of the biggest trends in garage door design. The classic design provides a hint of coziness and calm and helps convey that your home is a place to relax.

From barn-style or carriage house garage doors to a more modern take on this country-inspired aesthetic with heritage-style windows or contemporary materials, these traditional designs are functional art for your home.

house with a flush mount tilt garage door
2 panel wooden looking garage doors on a modern home

4. Timber or timber look

Warm and welcoming, timber garage doors can give your home and sleek and modern look, whether you choose real wood or not.

Steel-Line’s range of Western Red Cedar garage doors combines style, strength and safety. These visually appealing garage doors have a natural look and are custom-designed to fit your home and taste.

If this luxurious option doesn’t fit your budget, choosing a timber-look material can still help add character and achieve the perfect door. In fact, because they require less maintenance and are more durable, some people prefer them.

Steel-Line offers several alternatives to timber, which are available in a range of colours – from coastal oak looks to dark ashy style – and in a variety of designs. All of which help you achieve a warm and natural look without the price tag and maintenance of real timber. If you like the look of timber but prefer the strength of steel, we have several options available, including DecoWood®, Unicode® LUX, or Colorbond® Timber (PDF) Look garage door. Read more about the differences between these types of doors here.

house with a flush mount tilt garage door

5. Stylish sectionals

Gaining in popularity over the last decade, sectional garage doors are one trend that doesn’t look like ever going out of style. Sectional doors are made up of several panels that slide up and over each other and can open vertically or horizontally.

This tasteful and practical option is highly customisable and can be made from a variety of materials. Sectional garage doors tend to be very secure since they do not have external locks or hinges and allow you to control light and ventilation in your garage.

6. Smart technology

The use of technology in our homes has been taking off in the last few years and the garage space is no exception.

Homeowners looking for convenience and safety, as well as energy efficiency, can now access their garages using a smartphone. These apps can be installed on multiple devices. This means wherever you are, your door can be controlled remotely. It’s an easy way to let a family member who’s locked out of the house inside and a safer way to receive home deliveries. You can also receive notifications when the door has been left open or obstructed.

The system of smart systems that use rolling code technology can also help protect your home against intruders by generating new codes whenever the remote control is used on the garage door opener.

Smart garage doors can also improve energy efficiency. Many system feature sensors to detect light levels and heat and make automatic adjustments, and motion sensors to close the door when no one is around.


7. Eco-friendly focus

Garage doors made from Colorbond steel have always been a popular choice. But as consumers look for new features and ways to improve the overall look of their homes, the use of other materials is being embraced. As homeowners look to more eco-friendly and sustainable options, recyclable and renewable materials are being considered more than ever and there’s a real focus on energy efficiency and low-maintenance doors.

Insulated garage doors make sense when you consider that as a leading entry point into the home, they are responsible for a large amount of heat gain and loss. As well as keeping your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer, insulated doors give better protection against the elements and extend the life of your door.

Read more about the benefits of insulated garage doors here.


8. Embracing other materials

Gone are the days of heavy, noisy steel doors as more homeowners choose aluminium garage doors. Easier to install and quieter to operate, aluminium doors are durable, weather and corrosion-resistant and long-lasting. Because it’s malleable, it’s also easily customised.

If the garage serves as extra living space in your home, say for a playroom, gym or home office, a garage door made of polycarbonate could be the perfect solution. Available in a variety of colours to match your facade, polycarbonate doors are impact resistant and stronger than glass while allowing natural light into your space. Polycarbonate garage doors also provide excellent thermal insulation and UV resistance.


9. Painting a picture with colour

According to Australia’s largest garage door manufacturer, Steel-Line, the most popular garage door colours are currently Monument, Surfmist, Basalt, Shale Grey and Perisher White. New release Colorbond colour Dover White is also expected to make a splash in the year to come, as the popularity of Hamptons-style garage doors continues to rise and homeowners embrace classic colours with a modern twist.

How to pick the right garage door trends to follow

When it comes to buying a new garage door, your budget should be your first consideration. It’s much easier to decide how you can create the design aesthetic your home deserves when you know how much money you’re working with. In saying that, garage doors are a wise investment. They set the tone for your whole facade and add plenty of value to your home.

And with new trends and designs emerging to meet the changing tastes of homeowners, it’s also crucial to pick styles that suit your home now and for the years to come.

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