The Steel-Line Western Red Cedar garage doors bring a rustic charm to your home. With a modern twist on a traditional look, this popular design adds character and interest to your house’s exterior.

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Western Red Cedar doors may not be available in some regions in Australia (e.g. WA). Please check with your local Steel-Line branch regarding availability.

Western Red Cedar Garage Doors

Finding a garage door that is user-friendly and safe for little ones without having to sacrifice style can be tricky. Luckily, Steel-Line’s stunning Western Red Cedar garage doors are also designed for safety.

Their finger-proof safety feature makes them the perfect choice for families. Featuring a curved joint, they prevent injuries from occurring to fingers.

To further avoid injury to your family or damage to your vehicle, you have the option to install a photo-eye beam sensor that will detect any obstruction when the door is closing and stop or reverse the movement of the door. This will prevent nasty accidents.
With our additional safety features and optional accessories, the whole family can enjoy our Western Red Cedar garage doors.

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Quality Materials

Steel-Line prides ourselves on using only the highest-quality materials for your Australian-made garage door, so you can be assured of the superiority of our products. Our Western Red Cedar garage doors are no exception, featuring a strong and durable aluminium frame.

The inserts are made from our beautiful Western Red Cedar timber, giving your home the warm and welcoming feeling that wood naturally evokes. With a strong focus on combining stylish aesthetics with strength, you are guaranteed to enjoy your Western Red Cedar garage door for many years to come.

Western Red Cedar

Personalise Your Garage Door

The aluminium frame is available in a wide range of Dulux Colorbond® colours. Whether you prefer subtle neutrals or a statement pop of colour, you will find a colour that suits your personal style amongst our vast selection.

Making your home truly yours is incredibly satisfying. With our wide range of Dulux Colorbond® colours, it has never been so easy to personalise your garage door for a look that is unique to your individual style.

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