If you’re looking to take your garage door to the next level – in terms of connectivity, automation, convenience and safety – the Powermesh Garage Controller and sensor may be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Created by the Australian owned Zimi Limited with Steel-Line Garage Doors, the Powermesh Garage Controller allows your garage door to connect to all your smart devices. So, if you’re planning to upgrade your current garage controller, look no further than the seamless, automatic technology that Powermesh provides.

In today’s blog, we’re going to look at the advantages of the Powermesh Garage Controller, providing you a rundown of how it works and what it does, to help you decide if the Powermesh is the product for you.


The first and foremost reason for door automation is convenience. Whether it’s to avoid the hassle of getting out of the car on a wet day, or to help family members with mobility issues, there are many benefits to an automated door. Installing a Powermesh Garage Door Controller is like upgrading all the benefits of your opener and making it even more convenient and easy to use.


Connect to the Zimi App

By connecting Powermesh to the Zimi App, you can work your garage door through your phone, tablet and other smart devices. Anyone with a family, especially with older children, know that people seem to be coming and going all day long. The app makes life easier, meaning you provide your loved ones with access to the garage door without the need for exchanging keys.

The app has a variety of features including:

    • Anywhere Access – no matter where you are, you can check your garage door and operate it. No more niggling worries about whether you left the door open. Need to allow someone access while you’re at work? It’s as simple as opening the app on your phone!
    • Notifications – know when people arrive and go and know exactly when your garage door is opened or closed.
    • Multiple Users – provide access to family and guests, while still controlling who has access.
    • Temperature – keep track of the temperature and humidity in your garage.


Sound too good to be true? Watch this video to see how simple it really is.

Voice activation

A big feature the Powermesh Garage controller has over traditional remote door openers is the ability to use voice activation. With the ability to connect to Google Assist, you can operate your door hands-free. You can even ask for status updates, such as whether the door is currently open and what temperature the garage is. 

Here are just some of the phrases you could use:

  • ”Hey Google. Is my garage door open?”
  • ”Hey Google. Open the garage door.”
  • ”Hey Google. Open the garage door halfway.”

To use voice activation, you’ll need to purchase a Zimi Cloud Connect with your Powermesh Garage Controller. These are available in bundles which are usually cheaper than buying separately.

If you add a Powermesh Light switch in your garage, you can easily connect it to your door opener so that it’ll turn on whenever you open the door. No more stumbling in the dark or not being able to see if anything is there that shouldn’t be.

powermesh garage door controller


In our modern world, few things are more annoying than a dropout. We’ve all had a modem dropout responsible for leaving everyone without wi-fi but with Powermesh products, this isn’t an issue.

Traditional wireless networks rely on a central hub, which is basically the main connection point all other devices have to connect through. When working, this system is fine, however, if the central hub drops out, the entire network goes down meaning all your devices suddenly stop working.

This is one of the big innovations of the Mesh Network: there is no central hub! Instead, all devices are interconnected, creating a stronger network and eliminating central hub and dropout issues. It also creates a greater distance for your products to work with.

Ever bought a new device and spent the next hour trying to get it to connect with your network? Powermesh devices will automatically connect to the network, meaning even the installation process is streamlined and convenient.

Flight Path Technology

With the Powermesh Garage Controller, there are so many more options than simply open or close. You have your garage door open to different heights. Through voice control or the app, you can tell your garage door exactly how far open you’d like it to be.

Some of the uses for this include:

    • 60% open – Great for letting the kids in when they’ve come home from school.
    • 40% open – Perfect for deliveries or if you want to let someone pick something up without leaving it out in the open.
    • 20% open – Dog wants to run about or the cat wants to get in? Perfect height for your furry friends to get in or out.
    • 10% open – Great for letting in some fresh air in and a cheap way to cool down the garage during those summer months.


The Powermesh Garage Controller can be installed to most existing motors, meaning you can have the benefit of having a whole new garage door and opener without having to actually buy either.

The Powermesh is more adaptable than other brands and works with all types of garage doors including:

    • Roller Door
    • Sectional
    • Tilt

Installation is simple, with instructions included with purchase. No matter what type of door you have, you’ll be able to improve it with the Powermesh Door Opener and Sensor.

Roller Door in Colorbond Monument


No matter how great a product is out of the box, if it isn’t durable, you’ll be left feeling like you made a bad investment. The Powermesh has a long battery life and is weather-resistant, contained within a sturdy outer shell, giving both reliability and durability. 


Powermesh Garage Controller, Sensor and Zimi Connector Door Bundle – usually $495, currently available for $345.99 from the Steel-Line website.

Each Powermesh Bundle is supplied with:

Want to buy them separately, they are all available from the Steel-Line website: 

Powermesh Garage door Controller and Sensor – $341.00

Zimi Cloud Connect – $154.00

Powermesh Sensor – $95.00

If you’re planning to operate two garage doors, you’ll need to purchase a second sensor.

powermesh garage door controller

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