The past year many of us have spent a lot of time at home and to keep busy many of us started or finished off renovations and upgrades around the house, inducing adding or up styling the largest entry point of the home, the Garage Door.

When looking at styles and colours of garage doors, there is a long list to get through, and it can be overwhelming and time-consuming, so we have broken it down to what garage door trends are expected to boom (or keep booming) through the year 2022.


Timber and Timber Look

If you like the natural look and warmth that wood conveys, we can offer you a range of timber and timber look garage doors that can be matched to suit the design of your home.

The most popular Natual timber is Western Red Cedar – a lightweight yet solid wood that looks equally beautiful on an old or new home. Or, if you like the look of timber but prefer the strength of steel, we have several options available, including DecoWood®, Unicode® LUX, or Colorbond® Timber (PDF) Look garage door. Read more about the differences between these types of doors here.

Hamptons Style

Hamptons style is ideal for creating a place where you can rest and relax. If you crave a calm and classic design that doesn’t need constant updating, this look is for you. Classics never go out of style. Hamptons style tends to be about classic colours rather than traditional. Therefore, white and its many hues are celebrated.

Flush Mount 

Steel-Line’s flush mount garage door blends in your facade with the cladding of your choice to create a seamless appearance to the front of your home. Flush finish means the surface of the garage door and the external wall surrounding it are on the same plane. 

The flush mount garage doors can be clad with the building’s exterior materials, including timbers, composite timbers, metal, aluminium composite panel, acrylic, to name a few. The integrated cladding materials make the door appear to be part of the building’s wall system or make a statement with your personal moving work of art. You will only notice it when the door is open. They are perfect for an architecturally designed building giving the exterior cladding a continuous look and essentially making the door invisible.

Colorbond Steel

Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your house with a garage door that can blend in with any outdoor décor or architectural style. Steel-Line has a collection of classic Colorbond® garage doors to match your property’s personality and unique style. Choosing from the five stylish designs and then selecting the colour of your choice to dress up your home.

You can’t go past the Colorbond® Classic colour range. With a wide variety of colours, shades and effects, you will be spoiled for choice. Offering their go-to neutrals as well as tasteful pops of colour, there is a colour to suit every style of home. Colorbond®  minimalist neutral and natural tones are inspired by nature, as their names suggest. Understated and subtle colours include Surfmist® and Shale Grey®, while Manor Red® and Cottage Green® offer a striking and contemporary appearance.

Aluminium Composite & Acrylic

Steel-Line’s innovative Custom Collection garage doors offer over a hundred different garage doors for you to choose from. You simply look at the facade of your home and decide what style would best suit – choose your frame colour and then match it with the insert, which fits in best with the design of your home.

There are several advantages that make Aluminium Composite and Acrylic garage doors an excellent choice for many Australian homes. These products are Lightweight, Weather-resistant, Vibration-absorbent, Negative rebate, Achieve a maximum C3 wind rating for wind regions C and D in Australia, Available in either an aluminium-framed or face-fixed design. Despite being conveniently lightweight, these inserts certainly aren’t pushovers. They have impressive durability and strength, which makes them well suited to bearing the demanding conditions of Australian weather.

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