Custom garage doors are becoming increasingly popular with Sydney customers. This is due to Sydney homeowners being savvy consumers. They know style when they see it and understand that choosing the right solution can boost street appeal and add plenty of value to their homes.

The only problem is, with so many custom garage door styles to choose from, how do you pick which one is right for your home? Let’s look at the pros and cons of each type of custom garage door available through Steel-Line.


The pros and cons of each type of custom garage door 

From garage doors that stand out to those that disappear completely, Steel-Line’s extensive range has a style to suit every home.

Flush Mount Garage Door

Ideal for architecturally designed buildings where you want your garage door to blend seamlessly into your home’s facade, Flush Mount garage doors give a sleek, modern aesthetic. Because you can choose the cladding materials of your choice, these tilt or sectional doors can either disappear completely or be a work of art unto themselves.


      • Hide your garage door in the building facade and boost your home’s kerb appeal.
      • Durable and easy to maintain.


      • A sectional garage door can take up overhead storage space inside your garage.
      • A tilt garage door requires space on your driveway to open the door outwards.

Verdict: Best for modern homes where the flush finish gives plenty of wow factor.

Acrylic Garage Doors

Acrylic garage doors offer homeowners the look of a glass panel without compromising on safety. Available in both transparent and translucent finishes as well as a range of colours or with a matte finish, these sturdy doors will certainly boost your street appeal.


      • Allows more natural light into garages, making them ideal for those that serve as multi-purpose rooms.
      • Highly UV resistant and less likely to crack or discolour over time.


      • Translucent styles can provide less privacy than other garage door materials.
      • May not provide the same level of insulation as a solid garage door.

Verdict: A great choice to create the illusion of extra space in your garage by letting in light.

Aluminium Composite Garage Doors

Strong yet lightweight, aluminium composite garage doors are relatively new to the residential market, but they are quickly gaining in popularity. The panels can be fitted to aluminium frames, or you can choose a frameless option.


      • Lightweight material means less wear and tear on automatic openers, springs, tracks and the motor.
      • They are weather-resistant and great at absorbing vibration.


      • Less choice of colours than other materials.
      • Can be susceptible to dents if hit with great force.

Verdict: The garage door to invest in for functionality and longevity.

Polycarbonate Multiwall Garage Doors

Providing outstanding thermal insulation due to its multiwall design, polycarbonate garage doors save residents from having to blast their car’s aircon before they leave home. Their innovative construction also means they are lightweight despite being incredibly strong.


      • Excellent energy efficiency.
      • Great impact resistance over a wide temperature range.


      • The translucent appearance will not appeal to all homeowners.
      • May not provide the same level of soundproofing as a solid garage door.

Verdict: Insulated design is ideal for residents of Sydney, which experiences very hot summers.

Western Red Cedar Garage Doors

Add character to your house by making it feel warm and welcoming with a garage door made from Western Red Cedar. With the beauty of timber but the strength and durability of steel, these doors are also designed with safety in mind.


      • This high-quality material will add plenty of wow factor to any property.
      • Touch-safe features make them ideal for families.


      • Can be more expensive than other types of garage doors.
      • May require more maintenance than other types of materials.

Verdict: A modern twist on the traditional look of timber adds warmth and street appeal to homes of all designs.

Aluminium Bar Treadplate Garage Doors

More commonly seen in commercial applications, aluminium bar treadplate doors add a modern, industrial feel to edgy homes. A contemporary aesthetic with the benefit of strength and safety, you can get creative with colour with your choice of frame.


      • Wide range of Dulux Colorbond colours to choose from for the frame.
      • Superior strength combined with excellent safety features.


      • Will not suit all styles of houses.
      • Only available in the standard silver colour.

Verdict: An easy way to add an industrial feel to your home.

Why choose Steel-Line to custom design a garage door?

With more than 40 years of experience in the business, Steel-Line is the most knowledgeable and trustworthy garage door manufacturer and retailer in Sydney.

When considering how to choose the right garage door for your Sydney home, you can rest assured you’re in good hands by working with a local manufacturer that has branches across Sydney and 21 branches Australia-wide. There’s no middleman. We are with you every step of the way, offering competitive pricing on our high-quality products.


We deliver what other Sydney garage door sellers can’t 

Whether you’re in the market for a roller door or a sectional, Steel-Line has more options in our range than any other company and a competitive edge, with our local manufacturing, installation and repairs service.

We sell our products and offer our garage door services not just to homeowners but also to builders who choose us because customer satisfaction is important to their business, too.

So, if you’re looking to upgrade your existing garage door or you’re building a new home, call and speak to our friendly and professional staff about how we can help you. Or visit the Steel-Line website to book a free measure and quote for a new garage door today.

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