Our aluminium bar treadplate garage doors are a perfect combination of aesthetic appeal and safety, making them a popular choice for families.

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This garage door is not available in Western Australia.

Aluminium Bar Treadplate Garage Doors

Are you looking for a garage door that is practical and stylish? Steel-Line’s aluminium bar treadplate garage doors allow you to create a design that meets your needs in regards to both function and appearance.

We give you the opportunity to take your home’s style and architecture into consideration and then choose a frame colour and insert that best suits the look you want, customising a personalised design that is unique to you. This delivers an end result that complements your home’s overall style and feel.

Finger Proof Safety

Not only do Steel-Line’s aluminium bar treadplate garage doors offer a stylish and contemporary aesthetic; they also provide added safety for your family. With a curved finger-proof joint, their unique design prevents serious injury that can occur when operating garage doors.

We also give you the option to install a photo eye beam sensor for further safety. With these added safety features, you can rest assured that your stunning new garage door is a great fit for your family.

A Perfect Match

These models are custom-made to suit your home, which means we can help you complement your home’s style and architecture in order to achieve a seamless exterior aesthetic.

With the choice of an endless selection of colours and materials, including the option to custom-make something just for you, designing a garage door that suits your home has never been easier – or more fun!

Aluminium Bar Treadplate Inserts

Our aluminium bar treadplate inserts are made from aluminium 1.6mm 5 bar treadplates. The standard silver colour creates a unique industrial look.

aluminium Bar Tread Plate garage door

Get Creative with Colour

Enjoy the freedom to get creative with a huge range of striking Dulux Colorbond® colours to choose for your aluminium door frame. Whether you love the look of classic neutrals or are after a bold and modern appearance, Colorbond® has the perfect option for you. From soft Classic Cream® and moody Woodland Grey® to vibrant Cottage Green® and rich Manor Red®, there is a colour to suit everyone and every home.

The Safe and Stylish Choice

Our aluminium bar tread plate garage doors are a popular choice for many reasons. With this design, you can expect:
• Safety features to protect you and your family from injury
• A personalised design to suit your home’s unique style
• A wide range of Dulux Colorbond® colours for your aluminium garage door frame

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