There’s no need to compromise on style just because your garage has limited headroom or very little space at the side of the garage door opening. A tilt garage door is a perfect solution for older homes where the ceiling space isn’t as great and there is no room for sectional garage doors or a roller door.

What are tilt garage doors?

A tilt garage door is a single panel that is reinforced by a steel frame. Pivoting arms move the door outwards and upwards so that it sits in the ceiling space when in a fully open position. A popular option on smaller garages with limited headroom, tilt doors can be manually operated or automated.


Why choose a tilt garage door over a roller or sectional garage doors?

With a simple installation process, these easy-to-operate doors can help improve the look of your home quickly and at a relatively low cost. And tilt garage doors aren’t just suitable for older homes. A lot of homeowners choose to install them on new builds, too, due to their ability to be customised.


How can tilt garage doors be customised?

Tilt garage doors offer the largest range of design and finish options. From windows to access doors, they bring a sleek and modern look to your home. Tilt doors can be manufactured to fit a garage door opening of any size and can be customised to accommodate a tricky opening. For example, a sloping garage floor. The result is a door that sits flush with the ground for a neater finish.

Tilt garage doors are also ideal for flush mount styles which are becoming increasingly popular, especially on new homes. This is where the garage door panel is clad in the same material as the facade and the door blends in seamlessly, giving the appearance it’s not there at all. This means you can customise your door by choosing the cladding material to match what you’ve used on the rest of your facade.


Tilt garage doors suit new homes and old

Here are two examples of where tilt doors have been used to great effect. The first is an older home with a smaller garage where a timber tilt door with windows was installed to compliment the period in which the home was built. The second example is a contemporary style flush mount tilt garage door on a brand-new home, with a DecoWood finish to align the design with the rest of the home.

In both applications, the tilt garage doors are highly visible and have been used to add value to the home rather than detract from its beauty.

How do Tilt Garage Doors Work?

    • The tilt garage door is manufactured with a single panel on a steel frame.
    • Installation time depends on if an existing door needs to be removed, the size of your new garage door and what materials it’s made of, and if you are having your door automated.
    • When opening, the panel, which is attached to the frame, swings outward on pivoting arms. The door then swings up and into the ceiling space of your garage.
    • In the closed position, tilt garage doors are sturdy, secure and aesthetically pleasing.

Pros & Cons of Tilt Garage Doors


    • There is a large range of designs and finishes available for tilt garage doors.
    • They suit the popular and contemporary flush-mount style of garage doors.
    • Tilt doors are ideal for garages with limited head height at the opening.
    • This type of door is safe, solid, and quiet to operate.
    • The doors are manufactured to fit the exact size of your garage door opening.
    • A single panel on pivoting arms means less maintenance of components.
    • Tilt garage doors are generally quick and easy to install.


    • Tilt garage doors require ample space on your driveway to swing the door into the open position.
    • The door can be susceptible to wind damage when in the open position.
    • It can be harder to repair panel dents on tilt garage doors.
    • The springs on tilt doors require semi-regular maintenance. Read here for how to check to perform a safety check on a garage door.
    • Homeowners will require assistance from a professional to install tilt doors.
Flush Mount Tilt Door in UniCote LUX Ash Wood colour
Tilt Door with Ply Base and Cedar Face Fix
Tilt Door cladded in Shiplap

Who are tilt garage doors best for?

Because tilt garage doors are available in a range of styles and designs, they are suitable for old homes and new ones and allow you to utilise the space above your car for storage. They are a perfect solution for most homeowners.

The only downside to tilt garage doors is that the space directly in front of your garage needs to be kept clear because the door opens outwards. So if, for example, the door of your garage is positioned on the edge of your property boundary and it needs to swing from its closed position out over a footpath, it may not be the best solution for you.

If you live in an area that experiences very strong wind gusts you may also need to consider other types of doors to prevent your garage doors from being damaged. If a strong gust forces garage doors open from a closed position, it could break the pivoting arms or cause the springs to snap. Strong winds could cause it to come crashing down on your car when it’s open. Although both scenarios are extremely unlikely, it is something to consider if you live in an area with extreme weather.

Still deciding between tilt garage doors, sectionals or roller doors? Here’s more information to help you decide.


Who are the leading manufacturers of tilt garage doors in Australia?

Choosing the best type of door for your garage isn’t always an open-and-shut decision.

If you’re leaning towards tilt garage doors but still require assistance to decide if it’s the best option for your home, give Steel-Line a call. With more than 40 years as Australia’s leading manufacturer of garage doors, Steel-Line knows all there is to know about delivering high-quality, Australian-made doors at a competitive price.

Dealing with the manufacture, installation and servicing of garage doors, Steel-Line has become an industry leader with branches right across Australia. Call 1300 767 900 for a free measure and quote on your new garage doors, or visit the website for more ideas on how to give your garage a facelift.

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