Hamptons-style homes look like they were made for Australia. A classic style in the US, Australians love the cosiness and calm that the beachy, country-inspired aesthetic gives off.

So let’s take a look at what the Hamptons style is and how you can incorporate a Hamptons door into your garage to perfectly compliment the style of your home.

What is Hamptons style?

A holiday destination for wealthy New Yorkers, the beach vibes of Hamptons-style homes are well suited to Australia’s climatic conditions. With light and airy designs that embrace indoor-outdoor living, the cool yet sophisticated Hamptons style has been growing in popularity in Australia for the last few years.


What is a Hamptons style garage door?

With an emphasis on a classic style, a Hamptons-look garage door is an easy way to finish off your facade and define your home as being a part of this growing trend in Australia that has endured in the United States for hundreds of years.

The Hamptons style uses a colour palette of blues and whites and features paneling and timber to convey relaxed elegance. From barn-style to carriage-style garage doors, there are a number of ways to achieve the look on your garage space.

Inspired by the era before cars, barn-style garage doors traditionally boast crisscross woodwork that makes them a standout feature of your home, giving memorable kerb appeal. These days, homeowners are embracing modern looks and materials to give this traditional style an update while still embracing the key design features. Hamptons sectional garage doors featuring polycarbonate, for example, are one way to put a spin on the traditional. Using steel instead of timber also means your garage door will last longer and you don’t have to compromise on looks.


Advantages of Hamptons style garage doors

      • Traditional style with timeless appeal
      • You can choose a Hamptons sectional garage door or create your own look with a custom garage door
      • They can come with heritage features AND with modern conveniences such as automation and insulation
traditional garage door with 7 stockton windows on the door
custom vertical clad Western Red Cedar door with diagonal bracing

Design options for your Hamptons garage doors

Once you’ve chosen between a sectional garage door or custom garage door, the fun of designing your Hamptons garage door begins. To help you visualise your garage door, Steel-Line’s online design tool lets you browse all of the options and select the style that’s just right for you. It even features measurements for garage openings so you know which garage doors are available for your home.


Panel design options

Selecting a profile for your door surfaces is easy. You can choose from a range of designs but Steel-Line’s Heritage and Ranch profiles are ideal for Hamptons-style garage doors, with a focus on clean, horizontal lines.


Colour options

While the Hamptons style normally features crisp white tones, using colours suited to an Australian colour palette can help modernise your Hamptons style. From a wood finish to coastal hues, Steel-Line makes it easy to customise your garage door to your liking.


Finishing touches

Incorporating heritage-style windows on a Hamptons sectional door not only let’s light into your space, it can also help you add a touch of elegance to top off your garage door design. Whether you choose a traditional barn-style door, complete carriage door, heritage paneling or choose a more modern take on the Hamptons look, an insulated garage door can add to the energy efficiency of your entire home. And when it comes to using your garage door on a daily basis, your garage door opener can be tailored to you with keyless digital entry or even photo eye protection.


Is a Hamptons-style garage door right for you?

Whether you’re designing a new home or renovating your existing house to achieve the Hamptons look, there’s no better way to complete the picture than to add a Hamptons-style garage door alongside your weatherboard cladding and white timber fence. After all, garage doors can take up as much as a third of your facade. So why not make your home stand out from the crowd with a striking design to make a bold statement?

Because there are many variations of the Hamptons style, a garage door can be easily personalised to become a cost-effective renovation addition that makes a huge impact on your home’s street appeal.

Who to call for Hamptons sectional doors and custom solutions

When it comes time to choose your Hamptons-style garage doors, call Steel-Line for a free measure and quote. Every garage door is custom-designed for your home with style and convenience in mind. As Australia’s largest garage door manufacturer and a trusted brand for more than 40 years, you can be safe in the knowledge that you’re dealing direct with the manufacturer, not a third party.

Steel-Line is your one-stop shop for garage doors. From manufacturing to installation and accessories, Steel-Line has you covered. Call 1300 767 900 today!


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