Is a Barn Style garage door the right style for you?


When it comes to setting your home apart from others in the neighbourhood, installing a barn style garage door rarely comes to mind.

Most people focus on the finishes and furniture inside to spruce up their property. From the type of chair or table adorning a room to the colour of the bathroom tiles, hours are spent contemplating building interiors. However, if you really want to bolster your curb appeal, it is the outside of your house that deserves attention and especially the design of your garage doors.

What better way to leave a lasting impression than with a barn style garage door? Distinctive and unique, barn style garage doors offer an elegant beauty and durability that is also easy on the budget. They are no longer reserved for country or mid-century homes and are customisable to complement a variety of houses in both urban and suburban areas.

To see if they are the right product for your home, let’s explore some features and options.

What are barn style garage doors?


Barn style or carriage style garage doors are viewed as classic works of functional art. They were originally constructed as floor to ceiling doors to allow livestock to enter or egress barns, or for horse-drawn carriages to be easily stored. Some were built with doors that would swing open whilst others had a sliding structure, leaving a wide ample space without any obstruction. 

Typically, they were made from wood and iron hinges rather than door stiles and rails due to higher costs and longer build times. Many barn style garage doors boasted elaborate woodwork such as criss-cross planking, metal handles or window inserts that have become synonymous with this sought-after look. 

We have come a long way from the days of horse and carriage, yet barn style garage doors are more in demand than ever. The materials, hardware and automated systems have evolved, yet the look remains sophisticated and timeless. There are countless designs available, from a traditional wood stained finish to those with a contemporary aluminium frame. Whatever specialty feature or colour you have in mind for your carriage style garage door, it can be accommodated to suit your needs. 

How do barn style garage doors compare to other garage door styles?


Before deciding whether a barn style garage door is suitable for your needs, it’s worthwhile understanding how they compare to other garage doors.

One of the most prominent features of a typical barn style garage door is that it can let in natural light. Unlike most garages, you can install windows made of either plain or bevelled glass whilst keeping the rest of the door solid. Pair the windows with quality insulation and you can keep your garage space warm in winter and cool in summer. This could be an ideal choice when trying to save on utility costs.

In days gone by, barn style garage doors swung wide open. The modern range, however, simply gives the appearance of swinging doors. They are usually built to lift upwards as an overhead door or a tilt garage door. Generally, they are larger than standard garage doors due to their design type. If you are limited by space, you may wish to consider a bespoke garage roller door instead. It is best to discuss your requirements and measurements with a reputable supplier in the garage door industry.

Like all garage door designs, barn style garage doors can be customised. All the elements, including the colours, panel type and materials can be matched to your house or imagination. Moreover, they offer the same strength and ease of maintenance as any other garage door on the market. All these factors make them a very elegant and practical addition to your house.

How to determine if this garage door style is right for you


There is no doubt that barn style garage doors have great appeal and character. It is a testament to their functionality and charm that their popularity has grown in Australia. There are various factors that could influence the decision to install this garage door design. 

The following 6 tips will offer a guide to determining if the barn style garage door is the right one for you.

        • Just as a renovated kitchen or bathroom adds value to your home, so too does a barn style garage door. The striking aesthetic and upscale door system will make your house stand out from the usual crowd of garages and pay for themselves when selling.
        • Taking into account the materials used when building your garage is imperative for quality assurance and durability. Steel is a versatile choice for both traditional and modern homes that won’t crack, corrode or sag. Steel can also offer the appearance of wood if you’re after a more rustic exterior. 
        • The overarching aesthetic of your home will help determine the colour you choose for your barn style garage door. From black, brown and grey to red and white, the choice of colours is endless and can complement any home style. 
        • Patterned nuances can add even greater interest to your home. For a streamlined look, vertical or horizontal panels might be the choice or you could opt for a Criss-cross or ‘V’ impression to achieve a Hamptons feel.
        • Why use your garage only for your car? Repurpose it into another space with the addition of a home office, bed, feature wall or children’s furniture. Barn style doors create a more inviting and friendly area than other garage designs. 
        • There are barn style garage door specialists conveniently located in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and across Australia to help you make the right decision for your home.
barn style wooden garage doors
custom vertical clad Western Red Cedar door with diagonal bracing
The view of a gray, modern garage door at the end of a driveway

Barn style doors are an excellent and individualised addition to your house. They can seamlessly blend in with traditionally designed homes but also with contemporary ones. There are several attributes you may need to think about in the installation of your barn style garage door. However, there are endless customisable options that will help make your decision easier and offer you the creative freedom to choose what suits you. Perhaps it’s time to move on from the common, dreary garage door and into one that is head and shoulders above the rest.

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