The garage is one of the best storage spaces in your house. 

Most homeowners agree that storage space is high-value real estate. Unless you’re blessed with an enormous basement or a huge attic in the ceiling, the garage easily becomes the number one storage zone in the house. And even if you have other options, the garage is often the easiest and most convenient place to store things because of its easy and regular access.

But when the workbench starts to overflow, or the boxes of holiday decorations start taking over, it becomes important to be strategic with your storage solutions. 

If you’re having trouble getting in and out of your car because of all the bikes, supplies or equipment stored around the sides of your garage, ceiling storage options may be just what you’re looking for. 

Here’s everything you need to know about using your garage’s ceiling as a smart storage option.

Benefits of garage ceiling storage

Using your garage ceiling for storage comes with huge benefits.

First, you get extra storage space without any sacrifice to your living or functional space.  Instead of sacrificing your garage car space to store all your boxes, bags or garden supplies, using the ceiling above your car means using space that isn’t otherwise being used.

Overhead garage storage also means better safety for you, your car and your garage walls.  Stop worrying about opening your car door into bikes, your lawn mower or other sports equipment. By moving your storage items, boxes and equipment above your car, you get the space to keep your home and car safe, making it easy to move around and get in and out of the car without banging car doors or knocking equipment into walls.

The extra storage space additionally means you have room to be more organised.  Rather than trying to cram everything into a single wall storage product, or having all your tools overflowing on a single work table where they are sharing space with other projects and supplies, you’ll have more space to organise your items and access them easily.

Types of garage ceiling storage systems

There is a long list of overhead storage options for your garage, each designed for different purposes and spaces. Popular types of garage ceiling storage include:

Sliding container storage
Having tubs that slide along a rail to be stored overhead is a great option to put away the storage items that you don’t use often.  Things like your holiday decorations, camping gear, kids’ old clothing and sentimental keepsakes can go into containers and slide away overhead, out of sight and out of mind until you need them next.

Hooks and racks 
Hooks and racks are a great option for getting larger items off the ground.  Common items that use hooks and racks include bikes, surfboards and fishing rods.

Overhead shelves are a fairly standard ceiling storage option but aren’t as easy to access as some hooks, hangers and racks.  But if you’re putting things in baskets and tubs to get them out of the way (like the Christmas decorations), shelves can be a useful option.

Garage loft
If you’ve got more garage ceiling space than most, you may even consider a mezzanine-like loft space to go overhead. This will require a lot more engineering and building expertise, but if you’ve got an extremely high ceiling and ample floor space, this could be an excellent way to add to it.

Hanging and suspended systems
If you want something more specialised, there are a lot of products and hangers made specifically for different tools and equipment. Some may use cords and pulleys, and others claw hooks and hangers designed for specific use.  You’ll find custom hanger options for equipment like bikes, lawnmowers and power tools.

How to choose the right garage ceiling storage system

With a wide range of products, options and information available for garage ceiling storage, here’s what you need to consider when making your choice: 

  1. Storage items
    What are you storing? Does it require a specific system, like sports equipment or a lawn mower, or can you consider options like shelves and tubs?
  1. Access
    How easily and how often do you need to access what you are storing? Storage containers are great options, but if you need to access the items regularly, hangers or hooks may make it easier to reach them on a regular basis.
  1. Your budget
    Simple garage ceiling storage can be relatively inexpensive, but some custom storage solutions can just as easily be quite expensive. Knowing your budget will help you hone in on what is going to work for your storage project.
  1. Your garage door
    Your type of garage door may dictate what storage options you can use.  Sectional doors and tilt doors use the ceiling space when the door opens up, making some areas of your garage ceiling unusable for storage.  This might restrict the amount of space you have and the size of your storage options available.

Safety Considerations

Always consider your safety when working with overhead storage. This is important even after the installation is done. You’ll need to make sure you keep to weight and height limits to ensure nothing breaks, or that your car or garage door doesn’t hit and scrape anything you’ve hung overhead. Some systems like shelves or sliding boxes may require a ladder or step ladder for access too, in which case you should always ensure that you are following proper safety protocols.

Your garage’s ceiling may be holding the untapped storage potential that you are seeking for your home.

With a wide range of storage solutions and options available, your garage ceiling can hold everything from your tools,  bikes and sports equipment to your holiday decorations and keepsakes that you need to keep safely tucked away.

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