Step 1 :

Remove the soft plastic cover (if fitted).

Step 2 :

Insert post base “key” into base plate on floor, taking note to orient post “key” to match shape in base plate.

Step 3 :

Rotate the post in the base plate ¼ turn so that the top arm faces the wall bracket. Secure the post temporarily (using Step #5) to a strut using the chain from one of the chain brackets (this prevents the post from falling over while doing Step 4).

Step 4 :

Lift the top inner post and fix it to the wall bracket, by removing the pin, inserting the top arm into bracket clevis and re-installing the pin.


Step 5 :

Feed chain under & over strut (hat section) & hook back onto chain bracket. Repeat for all post to strut connections.

TO REMOVE – Reverse the steps noted above.

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