There are so many fabulous options and accessories available for garage doors today.

Colorbond garage doorOne optional extra for sectional garage doors which homeowners should seriously consider is the addition of window features.

Windows which are quite common in sectional garage doors comprise two general types; non-ventilated and ventilated.

Non-ventilated windows typically comprise a colour matching or co-ordinating PVC surround with perspex or glass infill in a range of patterns and sizes.  The colours and shades of perspex or glass infill available are numerous with translucent, tinted and frosted just a few examples.

Ventilated windows are similar to ventilated except that the window openings do not contain an infill, rather a type of fixed grill or louvre pattern.

Windows allow natural light to enter your home resulting in a reduced need turn on lights in or near the garage during the day which cuts down on your electricity usage and power bill and reduces greenhouse emissions.  The added benefit of ventilated windows is that they allow for the natural circulation of air inside your garage and home.

Windows also enhance the look of your garage door and home, improving street appeal which adds value to your property.

Irrespective of the window type selected, it is recommended that they are only installed in the top panel of your garage door for privacy reasons.

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