A garage door is quite possibly the largest moving object on the vast majority of homes worldwide.  Depending on the size and material from which the door is made, it can weigh in excess of 150kg.  There is no doubt then that a garage door that closes on your valuable possessions such as your car or bike can cause significant damage.  Worse still, consider the potential injury which could be sustained from a garage door making contact with you, a family member, friend or even your pet.  Children are of course extremely vulnerable to injury and even death from such an event.

photo electric beamsMost modern automated garage doors have an auto-reversing safety feature built into the automatic operator. This safety feature causes the door to suddenly open (or reverse) when the door impacts an object when closing. However, whilst the auto-reverse feature is a great invention, it does not prevent damage to your car or potential injury to people.

Just like all manufacturers and suppliers of garage doors and automatic operators, Steel-Line Garage Doors implores homeowners to seriously consider the installation of infra-red safety beams with your automated garage doors.  Similar to those used in elevators, infra-red beams prevent your garage door from closing if the beam which extends the full width of the garage opening is obstructed.  The major benefit over the auto-reversing feature mentioned above is that you, your family members, friends and possessions such as your car will not sustain any injury or damage because the door will not operate if the beam is “broken” or obstructed.

If you’re considering installing an automated garage door or you’re thinking of automating an existing door, the installation of infra-red safety beams is a must.

Of course, whether or not you install infra-red safety beams, there is no substitute for taking due care and closely observing your surroundings when operating your garage door. If in doubt, do not operate your door until it is safe to do so.

It’s a small price to pay for your safety and peace of mind!

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