Cost of a New Garage Door + 8 Factors that Influence Pricing

One of the most common and understandable questions people ask when purchasing a new garage door is, ‘How much is this going to cost?’. Like any construction or renovation, the price will depend on several factors and what you want to achieve from your garage door.

There are three main garage door types — roller doorssectional doors and tilt doors — each with different price points. The door’s size, materials used, and features included in your door (such as an automatic opener) will all play significant roles in influencing the overall price of your garage door.

How much does a new garage door typically cost in Australia?

Every installation is unique, and garage door prices can range anywhere from $600 to $8000+.

Why such a variety in prices? Well, it all comes down to what you want from your garage door installation. Garage doors range in quality, features and even purposes.

Remember, the initial cost isn’t as important as value for money. A double-sectional door made from quality materials will cost more than a cheap roller door, but the first option will last longer and be more reliable in the long run.

There’s no right answer as to what an appropriate amount is to spend on a new garage door installation. It comes down to your budget, the features you want and what will cover your needs.

8 Factors that Affect New Garage Door Cost

Installation costs and garage door costs will vary greatly depending on the key factors below. Considering the below will help you determine what you need from your garage door and assist you in making the right choice.

1. Door Size 

Are you after a single door or a double door?

The size of your new garage door is one of the most influential determining factors in the final costs. A single garage door installation will require less material and labour than a double garage door or a triple-sized door, and will, therefore, cost less. Keep in mind that the cost of speciality or custom-sized doors will be even more so than a larger garage door, although the benefits of these can far outweigh the cost. There are also various options, such as whether you have two single garage doors or one larger garage opening.

The key is to weigh the initial costs and the potential benefits. For example, while a double roller door costs more than a single roller door, it may better suit your needs.

2. Type of Garage Door

There are a range of garage door types and each tends to have different price points. The right choice of garage door type will depend on your budget, your needs and the look of the rest of your home. The main types of garage doors are roller doors, sectional garage doors and tilt garage doors.

Roller garage doors are usually the cheapest option to buy and install. However, they also offer fewer options when it comes to design and customisation. They also require the most headroom in your garage, so you will need enough ceiling space to give this design enough room to be installed and operate.

Sectional doors have become a staple in modern homes and are made from rigid panels. These horizontal panels run along a flat track on the ceiling. A sectional door design is more expensive than a roller door, but they have the benefit of being customisable. They also take up less real estate in your garage. You can purchase either a single sectional door or a double sectional garage door.

Tilt garage doors feature one solid panel that tilts to open. A tilt door, or double tilt door, offers a distinct look to your home. Tilt doors are ideal for a garage with limited headroom space.

3. Door Design

Garage doors are available in a variety of styles, and this will influence the overall garage door cost. Ideally, your garage door will suit the rest of your home’s exact style and design. Most garage door installers will offer a wide range of garage door styles, from simple double roller doors to luxe timber garage doors.

There is also the option of custom garage doors, which allow you to create the exact look you want. Your garage door installer can help you with design architectural elements, such as windows, horizontal panels, and unique trims. However, these additions will add to your final cost.

4. Door Construction

Your garage door should be constructed to suit how you use it every day, right down to the way it opens. Suppose you’re looking for a simple operation and relatively plain design. In that case, the cost will be much lower than if you’re considering elements such as built-in insulation, thick steel, or windows. The materials used will influence the final price. There are plenty of garage door options to accommodate from the lowest budget to the big spenders, whether you’re after a simple single door or a garage door with a timber look.

5. Automatic Garage Door Costs

Garage door openers can cost from $655+, depending on what you’re purchasing. A new automatic garage door will cost more than one you need to open manually, but the benefits are worth it. It is also important to know that different doors require different types of openers (for example, an opener that works on a double roller door won’t work for a single-tilt garage door).

Most garage door types can accommodate an automatic door opener. If you already have a fairly new opener, there’s a good chance it may be able to be adapted to your new garage door replacement, which will save you money. It is also possible to install an automatic opener on your existing garage door. If you’re making a long overdue change to a new garage door, you may have to purchase a new door opener to fit the new model.

There are a variety of options in door openers, from those that can be operated by remote control and those you can run from an app on your smart devices. All door openers offer an extra bit of convenience to your everyday life.

6. Safety Features for Garage Doors

A garage door is an essential feature for any home. However, there is the risk of injury if you don’t take any precautions. There are a range of features available that are specifically designed to improve the safety of your door. These include:

Auto-Lock Feature: Ensures your door locks when you leave, every time.

Automatic Garage Door Deadbolt SD: Provides an extra dead bolt lock to protect your garage door.

Infrared PE Beam: Detects any object or intrusion to a closing door and will stop the door in its tracks.

Powermesh: Allows you to monitor and control your garage door from an app on your smart device.

Safety features add to your final quote but are highly recommended for your peace of mind, especially if you have little ones or pets running about. Remember, these features only have to work once to pay for themselves.

Read more about our additional home enhancements here. 

7. Weatherproofing

No matter what location you build in, it is important to consider your surroundings and the climate. In Australia, most garage doors will need to deal with extreme weather of some kind, whether that is tropical storms or high temperatures. A garage door specialist in your area will know the type of weather your garage door will need to stand up against and can help you make the right decision.

Wind-rated sectional garage doors, strut lock sectional garage doors, and C-rated roller doors are all designed to provide extra structural integrity against cyclonic winds. Various seals are also available to prevent water, pests, smoke and embers from entering your home.

8. Regular Maintenance 

Regular maintenance and prompt repair are essential aspects of being a responsible garage door owner. Maintenance and repair costs will depend on the factors mentioned above, with solid wood garage doors requiring the most maintenance to avoid rot as well as being the most expensive to repair.

Alternatively, a steel garage door is often the easiest to maintain, the quickest to find spare parts for as well as the cheapest to install. When deciding which type of garage door you would like to install, it is important to consider these factors to ensure you can realistically maintain the health and function of your door. 

Repair costs will vary greatly depending on what the issue is. While we can’t quote a price without specifics, we can advise that most garage door problems are best treated sooner rather than later. Ignoring an issue won’t make it go away, and it could get even worse and more expensive to fix over time. We recommend an annual service on all garage doors.

Is a new garage door worth the investment?

If you’ve had your existing door for a while, you may be surprised at how far the humble garage door has come in recent years.

Features like automatic openers, Powermesh smart technology and safety features will improve your garage door, making it more convenient and safer to use. It can even raise the value of your property.

A garage space can be used for all kinds of purposes, whether recreational, professional or personal, and your garage door should be designed to suit. Whether you plan to replace garage doors or need a new one entirely, always choose a reliable garage door installation comply that carries valid insurance, offers a warranty, and has a reputation for building quality products.

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