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Heritage sectional garage door in Colorbond® Surfmist® with Stockton windows.

New Year is just around the block, and things can get tricky when it comes to preparing your home maintenance. Ensuring your garage is organised will make it less stressful, more enjoyable and easy to find your things.

To get your garage organised, tools, boxes, sports gear, bikes should be easily accessible but still neatly packed away for maximum space. Many of us have placed garage organisation/reorganisation on our New Year’s list of things to do, but why wait! Here’s a couple of quick ways to get your garage ready.

  1. Set Time Aside

Giving yourself a full day or weekend to sort items into rubbish, recycle, donate, or “needs to be organised” is a good start. You will find that having a plan in place speeds up your organising/reorganising of your garage. Limiting your decision making to whether or not things are worth keeping, and then whether or not someone else will want them is a great way to get through the bulk of things fast.

  1. Make A Thorough Inspection Of Your Garage Interior

Go for a walk through your garage and have a look at the walls, ceiling, lights and powerpoints. Are they all in good condition? While you’re reorganising, this might be the best time to repaint that wall or put in that new powerpoint you’ve wanted for so long. 

By the same token, are your current storage options up to the challenge? If you’re restructuring, reorganising and getting your garage how you want it, it’s probably a great time to upgrade benches and shelves too. A good shelving system with labelled tubs makes a whole world of difference when it comes to getting things done in there. 

If you are looking to redesign your garage after the inspection, look at the different types of timber ceilings available in the market that accommodate different garages.

  1. Invest in Your Garage

The appearance of your garage can make it inviting or ignored, so don’t wait to get new accessories for your garage. An easy way to give your garage a new look is with a new garage door. A timber-like aesthetic look is not as difficult as it sounds. Here are a couple of timber look garage doors:

  • DecoWood® garage doors – An excellent choice for homeowners looking to find the right balance between functionality and style.
  • UniCote® LUX Garage Doors – An excellent and extremely durable garage door made from imported pre-painted steel designed to meet Australian high-end architecture.
decowood garage door on a modern two story home next to woods

The aesthetic vision of your garage can make uncovering new ideas easier and make your garage a more enjoyable place to be—and if you enjoy getting out into the garage, you’ll get more done.

To really take your garage to the next level, consider installing timber ceilings. They can instantly transform your garage into a seriously cool, seriously stylish place. Whether you’re just storing surfboards, golf equipment or restoring an ‘89 E30, a timber ceiling can add that extra something. 

insulating a garage door

Timber Batten Ceiling

insulating a garage door

Trendplank T&G Timber Ceiling Cladding

insulating a garage door

Timber Ceiling Tiles

  1. The Clean Up

It’s a great idea to arrange your items into categories; the gardening tools in one category, automotive parts and tools together, and sporting equipment in another category. This will give you a visualisation of how you want everything arranged in your garage and give you an idea of whether you’ve dedicated enough space.

  1. Set a Due Date

Your only enemy is time, and that’s why our golden rule is to set time aside and set a deadline on when you want this to be completed.

Having a deadline, a weekend or a week, can help schedule your activities for organising/reorganising your garage, give you the motivation to get it done and make sure it doesn’t blow out!

Enjoy your Tidy Garage!

After the hard part is complete, it’s time to sit back and enjoy your new garage for the new year! Everything is exactly where you want it, easy to find and easy to access. Going for 9 holes is as simple as grabbing your bag and getting in the car. Surf’s good? 2 minutes, and you’re on your way! 

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