Style and design are probably the two things that first pop into your head when you’re thinking about a new garage door for your home. However, ongoing maintenance, durability and, of course, your budget are equally important factors to consider.

From the size of your garage to the latest features and hardware, let Steel-Line guide you through the process of choosing a garage door to meet your requirements using these 7 important tips.

1. Explore the different types of garage doors

The first step in making a decision about which type of garage door to choose for your home is to explore your options. From roller garage doors to tilt doors or the more modern sectional doors, what you choose will depend not just on your needs but also on the size of your space.

For example, a roller door is a budget-friendly option, but you will need to ensure your garage has the space for horizontal tracks.

You can read more about the pros and cons of different types of garage doors here to help with your decision. However, the easiest option, if you’re not sure if you have the headroom for a roller door or if the panels of a sectional door are available in the finishes you like, is to give Steel-Line a call! We can give you a free measure and quote and offer you advice on which type of garage door best suits your needs and garage space.

2. Go for a material that’s durable and long-lasting

Garage doors are available in a huge range of colours and styles but the material you choose should take into consideration energy efficiency and the climate in which you live, how quickly the temperature fluctuates, and how weather-resistant you need your garage to be. For example, if you live in areas that are prone to cyclones, Steel-Line has a range of wind-rated garage doors that can withstand the elements.

Types of garage door materials

Cost-effective and sturdy steel garage doors, used in sectional doors and roller doors, will protect your car and family from the weather. Because Steel-Line uses Colorbond steel in our garage doors, you can rest assured they’ll stay free from rust and hold their colour for many years to come. However, aluminium garage doors are light while still offering strength and durability, and our customers regularly choose this material for our custom and specialty garage doors.

Wood composite and wood are two other popular materials for garage doors, with the former requiring less maintenance while offering the same stunning good looks as the real thing.

When it comes to maintenance and durability, it’s not just the door itself you should consider but also the other parts that make the door function properly, such as the tracks and controls. Did you know that Steel-Line can also service and repair your garage door?

3. Design a garage door to match your home

Garages are a main feature of your home’s exterior, and choosing a look that complements the architecture of your house can help you add value to what is likely to be your biggest-ever purchase.

Aesthetics are just as important as durability and strength, which is why Steel-Line is recognised in the industry as a style trendsetter. Whether you’re after a Hamptons-style garage door to complement your facade, sleek, clean, and modern lines, or a natural wood aesthetic for a contemporary home, Steel-Line has the largest range of colours and materials in Australia to make your choice easy.

In fact, aesthetics and style are so important to us that we let you design your own door so that you can see what the finished product will look like, from the windows down to the hardware. Head to our garage door visualiser and upload your own photo or use one of ours to plan your dream design.

4. Choose garage doors with innovative features

The garage door is the main access point in many homes. Homeowners often choose to bypass the main entrance over the convenience of entering via the garage. Therefore, your garage door should have all the functionality of your front door. Consider installing high-quality garage door accessories like a wireless keypad so that you can leave your keys at home when you walk the dog or a wireless wall-mounted remote for when you need to duck out and check the mailbox.

If you’d rather not get rained on when opening your garage door, automatic operation is a must. Steel-Line has a remote control operator for every type of application. However, when it comes to remotes, not all accessories offer the same reliability or level of quality. Steel-Line’s Powermesh controller is a smart garage door opener that gives you an unrivalled level of control over your garage door, with benefits such as voice control and temperature monitoring.

A new garage door with insulation can even help you improve the energy efficiency of your home, so consider that a must-have feature if you live in a particularly warm or cold climate.

5. Invest in the best without blowing your budget

Purchasing a high-quality garage door is the most cost-effective choice you can make because it pays for itself in the long run. A cheap garage door made from low-quality steel will soon rust or, worse still, become inoperable. 

Steel-Line’s garage doors are manufactured here in Australia to be weather-resistant and withstand our harsh climate. They can even resist bushfires and cyclones with the correct accessories. Insects, dust, rain and UV rays are no match for Steel-Line’s range of garage doors. Fewer repairs, less damage over time, and more likely to last a lifetime — Steel-Line garage doors represent great value for money.  

6. Have your garage door installed by a professional

There are several reasons you should have your garage door installed by a professional — the risk of injury, the special tools required and the fact that it’s a complicated process, just to name a few. You might also void your warranty, and you’re unlikely to get your garage door working to the same standard as someone who performs the task every day.

Because Steel-Line is Australia’s largest manufacturer of garage doors and has more than 40 years in the business, we’ve got the installation process down pat. Read more about garage door installation services near you, here.

hamptons style garage door
Natural Timber Tilt Door
Western Red Cedar tilt door painted Monument Matt

7. Buy a garage door straight from the manufacturer

Now that you know what style, material, and features you want, you just have to decide on the best brand of garage door for your house. Steel-Line has been making garage doors for more than four decades, and we have a large family of suppliers right across the country. So, whether you live in Melbourne, Perth, or Darwin, you can choose a Steel-Line garage door for your home. As a company that’s trusted by homeowners and builders alike, we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and the superior performance of our garage doors.

Add kerb appeal and value to your property with a garage door that’s made for the Australian climate. Our award-winning garage door designs are all custom-designed and manufactured for your specific home. Contact Steel-Line today on 1300 767 900 or see our website for more ideas and inspiration.


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