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As one of, if not, the largest entrance in your house, your garage door plays a huge role in weatherproofing your home. North Queensland, the Northern Territory and northern Western Australia are beautiful parts of the nation, but just like the rest of the country, there are certain aspects of the weather you need to be prepared for. Northern Australia is known for dry hot summers and tropical monsoonal weather, so your garage door needs to be prepared for both. Let’s look at 8 key ways you can prepare your garage door for whatever the northern Australian weather has to throw at it.

1. Strut Lock Sectional Garage Door

The northern parts of Australia are known for some rough tropical storms and cyclones. Strut lock is a post-free installation that provides added reinforcement against strong winds. The large struts on the back of the door provide extra strength to handle the roughest weather. Rigorously tested against cyclone conditions at James Cook University, you can be assured your strut lock sectional garage door surpasses the necessary wind load requirements.

What makes it weatherproof

      • Provides extra structural integrity and strength against strong winds.
      • Available in different sizes and a range of colours.

2. Wind Brace Sectional Garage Door

Another option for increasing garage door strength, this product is a removable wind brace that you can install on your existing garage door whenever you receive a cyclone warning. It only takes 2–5 minutes to put in place, making it a quick option for adding reinforcement to your door.

What makes it weatherproof

      • Helps strengthen your garage door against strong winds.
      • Can be quickly installed whenever you receive a warning of rough weather.

3. Generation C-Roller Doors

A roller door that has been tested for cyclonic conditions, the generation C-roller door provides that extra bit of protection for your garage. Built specifically to withstand high pressures, this door is much less likely to buckle against a strong wind.

What makes it weatherproof

      • Provides extra reinforcement against stronger winds.
      • Creates extra protection for your garage space and possessions.

4. Insulated Garage Door

Quality insulation makes a world of difference in maintaining the temperature inside your house and can significantly cut down on energy costs. When planning to insulate, many homeowners forget to consider their garage door, which, considering the large space it takes up in your home, is a mistake. By insulating your garage door, you help your overall house and turn your garage area into a usable, inhabitable space.

What makes it weatherproof

      • Helps maintain a consistent temperature, thereby making your home more comfortable.
      • Protects your house from extreme temperatures.

5. Garage Door Weather Seals

Weather seals (or weather stripping) are rubber strips that are a standard feature in most garage doors and serve a few key purposes. For starters, a weather seal prevents airflow and helps maintain heat and cooling in your home. This makes your home more energy efficient, saving you plenty in energy costs. The second is to prevent anything, from water to wildlife to debris, from entering your garage. Made from vinyl, garage door seals can adapt to any unevenness in your floor to ensure a tight seal.

What makes it weatherproof

      • Creates a bottom seal to help maintain your home’s temperature by blocking both warm and cold air.
      • Prevents dust, moisture, rodents, and leaves from entering your garage.
      • UV stabilised to provide long-lasting service.

6. Nylon Brush Seals

Bushfires are something you shouldn’t take lightly, and one of the best things you can do for your safety is to be prepared. A nylon brush garage door seal is specifically designed to provide extra protection against harsher elements, such as embers, salt and smoke. This is ideal for anyone living in a bushfire-prone area, in a coastal region or where elements are particularly rough. Designed and built to meet Australian standards, nylon brush seals are ideal for bushfire-prone areas.

What makes it weatherproof

      • Provides protection against smoke, embers, draughts, light, dust and debris.
      • Ideal for providing extra protection and safety for any garage in a bushfire area.

7. Power Mesh App

Smart technology has gone from being the stuff of science fiction to being a part of our everyday lives. Your garage door doesn’t need to be left behind with the Power Mesh App. Along with allowing you to open and close your door from anywhere, the power mesh app lets you keep track of your house’s temperature. You will never have to worry about whether you left your garage door open again, as you can ask the Power Mesh App and find out instantly.

What makes it weatherproof

      • Allows you to keep track of your door and garage’s condition throughout the day.
      • Can operate your door from any location you have a phone.

8. Automated Garage Door Opener

An automated garage door opener is one of those features that, once you’ve got one, you wonder how you got by without it. It adds a level of convenience during wet and stormy weather, so neither you nor your family members have to get out of the car to open the garage. On top of this, there’s the safety aspect that remaining in your car during torrential rain provides.

What makes it weatherproof

      • Allows you to enter and leave your garage without getting wet.
      • Makes life easier when opening and closing your garage door.

Buying a garage door to suit your environment will ensure it will hold up when it matters. Weatherproofing your door ensures your possessions remain undamaged and that your family stays safe. Just as important as installing these products is having the right team working on your garage door.

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