With the majority of homeowners confessing to hardly ever using their front doors and using their garages as the main entry point into their homes, it makes sense that garages have become more than just somewhere to park the car.

Whether it’s your main place for storage, you want to use it for extra living space, or you’re looking to create your dream garage, garage decor and interior design options can make a huge statement and reflect the style throughout the rest of your house.

So, let’s look at some different ways to transform your garage into a room with many uses. 

6 design ideas to transform your garage

If you’re looking to transform your garage or turn it into a multifunctional space, garage door accessories can make a huge difference to its functionality. For example, by installing a smart remote door opener, you can open and close your garage door by simply using your voice.

Even different types of garage doors can improve the functionality of your space, so make sure you consider these things before you look to transform the use of your garage.


1. Who needs a shed when you have a Garage? 

From a place to store wheelie bins and mowers to somewhere to set up a workbench with tools and extra power outlets, there’s no need for a shed when you have a garage workshop.

Or, if your garden is your pride and joy, consider putting tools such as shovels within easy reach by installing racks to hang them from.

    • With space for everything from garden tools to potting mix, this garage storage system completely replaces an outdoor potting table. Click Here for inspiration.
    • The ultimate garage workshop with pegboard-style hanging for the most frequently used tools proves you don’t need a separate shed to stay organised. Click Here for inspiration.


2. Storage for all seasons 

Christmas decorations, snow gear, beach umbrellas — where is a modern family supposed to put all this stuff when it’s not in use? The garage, of course!

Garage storage solutions can range from functional overhead shelving to floor-to-ceiling cabinets to keep the mess hidden away. With all the different types available, you’re sure to find a practical method that looks good.

    • The homeowners here have managed to fit their sporting equipment and seasonal products into one corner of their garage by using the walls and overhead shelves for storage. Click Here for inspiration.
    • Floor-to-ceiling cabinets have been used alongside hooks and open shelves to create a sleek storage solution that leaves plenty of room for parking vehicles. Click Here for inspiration.
    • The ceiling space above your vehicle is as good a place as any to store a variety of items that you don’t use every day. Click Here for inspiration.


3. A work-from-home space

Depending on your home design, a garage can become a home office alternative with the right sort of interior design. So, if you’re low on interior space to work, pin up a pegboard, add some open shelves to the walls and build a desk for a home office space that is separate from your main house.

    • A work-from-home space overlooks the garden through huge windows and glass doors, allowing for increased natural lighting. Click Here for inspiration.
    • A traditional garage has been turned into a hairdressing salon with the addition of large mirrors and a functional washing area. Click Here for inspiration.
    • Not just for office workers, a transitional garage workspace is ideal for all sorts of occupations. Click Here for inspiration.


4. An extra bedroom, studio or man cave 

Before you go ahead and throw your teenager’s bed into the garage, you need to ensure it has adequate insulation and ventilation, as well as plenty of power outlets for heating, cooling and appliances.

While it may require some construction work to the garage interior and possibly even the exterior of your home to give you access to water and allow for a drain, windows, etc., the addition of a bathroom or kitchenette can add to the functionality of your garage space and possibly even boost the value of your house by adding extra living space.

    • A granny flat is easily incorporated into a garage without compromising on its functionality, with built-in cabinets giving it a streamlined look. Click Here for inspiration.
    • While it’s currently being used as a typical car garage, this large space has been designed so that it could easily be converted into a teenage retreat or man cave, if necessary. Click Here for inspiration.
    • An industrial-style man cave complete with a pool table and TV is an easy way to create extra space for no-fuss entertaining. Click Here for inspiration.


5. A room to showcase items such as cars, bikes or artwork 

The garage is designed to house vehicles, but if your car is your pride and joy, why not make it more than just a functional space?

With the addition of some luxury touches such as sleek flooring or LED lighting, you can show off your car, bike or even your art collection (perhaps your vehicles are your art collection?) with one touch of your door opener remote.


6. A mud room 

    • With a dog washing station that doubles as somewhere to wash off grubby boots and fishing gear, there’s no need to bring the mess inside with this dream garage storage system. Click Here for inspiration.
    • More than just somewhere to store your muddy boots, this ‘mud room’ style storage unit in the garage entry frees up space elsewhere while keeping you organised. Click Here for inspiration.
    • There’s no easier way to get a family organised than by having large cabinets to store schoolbags and sporting equipment right next to the car. Click Here for inspiration.

Who to call to make your garage designs come to life 

When it comes to making your garage design ideas a reality, it’s important to start with the basics. Not only is Steel-Line the company to call for garage door installations, we can also ensure your door is properly maintained with our garage door servicing and working at its best with our large range of garage door accessories.

For more information on how we can help you get your garage looking and functioning at its best, call the garage door specialists at Steel-Line today on 1300 767 900.


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