Most garages do not suit the needs of their owners, but, there are five popular design ideas that can transform any garage into a more useful space.

  • Overhead storage – for a minor investment, overhead racks and bins can free up an incredible amount of space in your garage, as well as protecting items from insects and dampness.
  • Climate Control – turn your garage into a habitable room, by adding climate control features. You can do this by insulating and adding independent heating and cooling system or by extending the climate control features in your house to include the garage.
  • Bedroom or apartment – converting your garage into sleeping quarters is a cost-effective alternative to building a new addition. If you add a bathroom and kitchenette as well, your garage can also double as an efficiency apartment.
  • Two-car storage – if your garage is only wide enough for one car, you may be able to fit another car in by installing a vehicle lift. This allows you to store your ‘fun’ car overhead and park your everyday car underneath.
  • Cabinets and shelving – these can add order to the most cluttered garage space, but be sure to buy hard-wearing ones, as they will be exposed to temperature and moisture fluctuations.
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