Over the last two decades, the amount of Australian domestic expenditure spent on imported goods has been steadily increasing. While this is a reflection of decreasing prices of imported goods (computers and telecommunication devices in particular), it is still concerning that more Australians are turning away from locally made products and purchasing items produced overseas.

Shopping for Australian-made products isn’t just about supporting our local economy; it’s also about ensuring the quality of the products you buy.

Here are five reasons you should be buying Australian-made products.

1. You Can Be Assured Your Products Meet Australian Standards

Australia has strict standards when it comes to locally manufactured products, particularly when it comes to building materials and construction. It’s an unfortunate truth that building materials imported from overseas don’t always meet Australian standards and regulations. In fact, the use of substandard building materials around Australia has led to expensive and potentially dangerous compromises to safety and quality.

One example of this is the import of garage and large access doors from overseas. According to the Australian National Construction Code (NCC) 2013, garage doors and large access doors need to comply with the AS/NZS 4505 – 2012 standard. Imported products will not always be designed to these standards, and so they will be unable to withstand high force wind conditions in cyclone regions, potentially damaging the premises and placing residents in danger. This is why our cyclone garage doors are built here in Australia and tested at the James Cook University.

2. You Know Your Products Will Be Safe

Due to our strict standards, products made in Australia are among the safest on Earth. Meanwhile, it’s difficult to know what standards are in place for items made overseas. Unsafe products imported from abroad can be quite dangerous and can leave you with big expenses should they need replacing. Buying Australian made means less risk.

3. You Can Enjoy Quality Customer Service

With Australian-made goods, you can rest assured your warranty is genuine. Contacting a local company for support is usually much easier than trying to get help via an international 1800 number, so if something does go wrong with your product, you can get it sorted quickly. This also applies if the item you’ve bought requires any maintenance, servicing or repairs.

4. You’ll Be Supporting the Local Economy

Put simply, every dollar you spend on Australian-made products goes directly into your own community. This supports local businesses, creates jobs for our citizens and creates more tax revenue to improve our infrastructure.

5. Your Products Will Be Fresh

When it comes to food and beverages, you can’t get fresher than products grown or made right here in Australia. It can take weeks for imported items to arrive on supermarket shelves, so it’s always safest (and tastiest!) to choose Australian-made goods when doing your grocery shopping.

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