Colorbond Timber Look, Blushed Teak

Before Renovation

After Renovation

After Renovation

Application: Residential

Product Range: Colorbond Sectional Door

Finish: Colorbond Timber Look, Blushed Teak

Location:  Glenmore Park, NSW

Mr. Angelo, the owner of a typical Sydney suburb house in Glenmore Park, was undertaking a full renovation of his property and wanted three modern look replacement garage doors. Mr. Angelo’s property was built over 20 years ago. The old garage doors were British manor style doors with windows in Classic Cream colour, which looked a little old-fashioned.

Mr. Angelo likes the natural look and warmth that wood conveys, and he wanted his new garage doors to provide a blended look to match to the wall colour and give his property more street appeal.

We initially discussed a number of products and design options with our Mr. Angelo, including Colorbond timber look range, DecoWood range and UniCote LUX Timber of the World range, as we have sourced materials from a number of suppliers that correlate specifically with garage door colour and design option.

The final decision of the garage doors were Slimline sectional doors in Colorbond Blushed Teak colour, which incorporated designs and colours that would be in keeping with the feel of the property and stay true to Mr. Angelo’s vision for the renovation work.

Due to availability to be working from home and the flexible timeframe, the new garage doors were manufactured and installed within a month.

Mr. Angelo was ‘over the moon with the finished installation and was particularly impressed with how the new garage doors aligned with the design of the rest of the house. Steel-Line is proud to provide yet another great solution for our valued customers.

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