Biowood® Garage Doors

Steel-Line’s Biowood® garage door retains the natural timber look and feel, is low maintenance, and meets the standard for fire safety under BAL-29 conditions. With a stylish yet homely appearance and a wide range of functional advantages, these models are an ideal option for just about any Australian family or property owner.

Why You’ll Love Your Biowood® Garage Door

There are many great reasons to choose a Biowood® garage door for your home. The Biowood® wood composite products are created using 0.85 density natural cellulose fibre from plantation-harvested timber combined with a specially formulated resin. It retains the natural look and feel of wood, but is also lightweight and provides a high degree of water resistance. Biowood® does not bleach, split or crack, and is suitable for both bushfire regions (up to BAL-29 rating) and marine applications.

The product is termite resistant, low maintenance and is green certified by Global Green Tag. It is the perfect durable product for all building applications.

With the Biowood® sanded finish and unique coating process, these doors are not only beautiful to look at, but are also robust, versatile and designed to withstand the harsh Australian climate.

Why You Should Choose a Biowood® Garage Door

  • The authentic look and feel of timber
  • Lightweight composition
  • Designed to withstand Australian weather – no splinters, cracks, warping, cupping or rot
  • Durability – resistant to water, mould, mildew, and termites
  • Bushfire resistant (conforms up to BAL-29 as per AS 3959:2009 Appendix F)
  • Time-tested suitability for marine, intertidal and salt spray environments
  • UV stable under normal environmental conditions, even in full sun, when coated with Biowood® water-based coating
  • Easy and concealed installation
  • Virtually maintenance free – depending on north orientation, coating will last three times longer than normal UV coating
  • Environmentally friendly – sustainable timber alternative that’s fully recyclable
  • Can be re-sanded and resealed
  • Option to stain in variety of colours
  • Trusted brand by Global Green Tag.

Profile and Colour Options

Providing Australian homeowners with both durability and style, Biowood® garage doors come in two attractive colours: Spotted Gum and Weatherwood. No matter which hue you choose, you can rest assured your garage door will look fantastic as part of your house’s façade.

These garage doors are constructed using Biowood® architectural profiles and are available in 150mmx18mm Shiplap and 88mmx12mm Tongue & Groove profiles.
biowood garage door profiles

Get Your Biowood® Garage Door from Steel-Line

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NOTE: This product may not be available in some regions in Australia. Please check with your local Steel-Line branch regarding availability. 

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